Locksmith Rips 2 Amazing Freestyles. Fat Joe Declares That He May Be The Best (Video)

Locksmith is regarded as one of the elite MCs in Hip-Hop, especially when it comes to freestyling. As an independent artist, the Richmond, California MC has relied on his keen storytelling abilities and deft wordplay to secure his growing fan base. In his early days, Locksmith’s career began as a battle rapper, throwing down his talents onto the proverbial Rap gauntlet in real time. In a 2019 interview with AFH TV, Lock’ admits he didn’t even know what battle rapping was when he first began. That has since changed, as Davood Ali Asgari has honed in on his talents with the precision of a tactical scope. Earlier this year, the Bay Area representative put those skills on full display, delivering a critical, profound freestyle detailing the state of Rap today for DJ Kay Slay (as he has done before). Now, Locksmith is found at the Shade 45 studio yet again to double down on his freestyle game.

In an interview on Sway In The Morning, Locksmith sits down with Sway Calloway and his guests, Fat Joe and Dre. Before Lock begins his freestyle onslaught, Fat Joe exclaims his admiration for his counterpart’s game. Joe Crack explains, “I’ma be honest with you; I don’t lie. I’m Hip-Hop; I’ll say some things that rappers won’t say. He might be the best.” Then, Lock’ dives in and bodies the beat, criticizing the state of Rap once again and paying homage to legends like Rakim, Ice Cube, and Scarface.

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Over the Just Blaze-produced “The ROC (Just Fire)” for Cam’ron, Lock’ rips, “Your favorite rapper is full of sh*t / Everything that he’s ever said is from a script / Everything you were ever fed is from the lips of dudes who don’t believe in the principles that you’ve come to grip / So now let’s modify that / Modernize raps to personify facts / Instead of a face-tat, go study some ‘Face raps / Brad Jordan is more important than Spotify stats / Ni**as faking they streams anyway / Buying numbers, the number you are they can penetrate / Plant seeds a man’s deeds is worth more / Can’t breathe I stampede the church door / Can’t see myself following false doctrine / I’m Ice Cube cubed, but there’s no style that I’m boxed in / I get offended when ni**as say that ‘I’m Top 10’ / B*tch you get assaulted behind bars when I rock hymns / A$AP, 2020 Rakim.”

Seconds following Locksmith’s first go round, he says, “Gimme another one.” This go-round is over Notorious B.I.G.’s DJ Premier-produced classic, “Ten Crack Commandments,” Lock’ wastes no time, attacking the nation’s Twitter fingers in Battle Rap fashion, “Everything divisive / Confrontation and crisis / We criticize and hide behind our devices / You are not apart of my life, so why would I stress? / You a b**ch, I can see it just by the eye test,” he spits. “I seem aloof unless you’re pairing bills / Life is in motion, mostly a ferriswheel / If you scared to build then you’ll probably vomit a pair of steel / Parasol off of the wind chill when I exit / Everything perfected, erected after you left it, neglected of any merit, America is infected / He’s blowing up, but it’s only cause he’s connected / I’m fetching my own PR, you know they love to scrutinize / Got me hanging like Jesus when he was crucified.”

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Following the interview, Sway chats with Locksmith, Fat Joe, and Dre (of Cool & Dre). Joey Crack calls Locksmith family, and further praises the MC from across the country. On Friday (December 6), Fat Joe & Dre are releasing Family Ties. The tracklist, featuring Eminem and Lil Wayne, is as follows:

1. Projects
2. Been Thru
3. Heaven & Hell
4. Hands on You (feat. Jeremih & Bryson Tiller)
5. Day 1s (feat. Big Bank DTE)
6. Yes (feat. Cardi B & Anuel AA)
7. Big Splash (feat. Remy Ma)
8. Lord Above (feat. Eminem & Mary J. Blige)
9. Drive (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Jeremih)
10. Pullin (feat. Lil Wayne)
11. Deep

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#BonusBeat: Locksmith’s “Bloodline” music video from 2018’s Ali: