Nick Cannon Responds To Eminem On A Diss Track Featuring Suge Knight (Audio)

UPDATE: Nick Cannon has released his second Eminem diss song in as many days. Following Monday’s “The Invitation,” Cannon and a team of MCs named The Black Squad double down with the “Renegade”-inspired “Pray For Him.”

No you debate and hated and viewed in America as a motherf*cking dr*g addict / You’ll never be a legend,” Cannon jabs after. “Now when you stop and start to stare at who’s in the mirror / Look at all that f*cking botox, b*tch I know you’re embarrassed.

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The song arrives as former Shady Records artist 50 Cent posted on social media that he may put hands on Nick Cannon for Monday’s diss. That song included allegations that video exists of Eminem engaged in a sexual encounter with a male. Meanwhile, Eminem took to social to laugh off Cannon’s disses.

ORIGINAL DECEMBER 9 STORY: On Friday (December 6), Eminem rehashed an old beef with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Appearing on Fat Joe & Dre’s “Lord Above,” Marshall Mathers responded to some comments that Cannon made this fall about the late 2000s. The media impresario said that he sought Em, with plans to do him physical harm after an onslaught of disses surrounding Mariah. At the time, Cannon was married to Carey, who previously had an early 2000s romantic relationship with Em. That tryst ended with both superstars dissing one another in the public spotlight.

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Em used several bars to address Cannon on the new song which also features Mary J. Blige. “I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note / But that other dude’s whipped, that p*ssy got him neutered / Tried to tell him this chick’s a nutjob ‘fore he got his jewels clipped / Almost got my caboose kicked? Fool, quit / You not gon’ do sh*t I let her chop my balls off, too ‘fore I lost to you, Nick.

On Friday, Cannon said he did not plan a response. However, Today (December 9) he unleashed “The Invitation.” Cannon tapped a cast of guests for the diss, including Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, Prince Eazy, and…Suge Knight.

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In his verse at the top of the song, Cannon addresses his relationship with Fat Joe. Then, he takes shots at Em’s family and his sobriety. “Ain’t no comin’ back, that’s a fact, this the invitation / Told Joe to lean back, don’t get hit with this retaliation / I f*ck with Crack, but the white boy, he f*ck with crack / Pills and smack, sh*t, and he ’bout to relapse / Call Kim, somebody get Hailie / And that other kid you raisin’, that ain’t even your baby / Took a page out of Drake book, this might get a Grammy / We goin’ back to back ’til you respond on the family / My baby mama killed you off a decade ago / You’re still cryin’ about it, b*tch, now who really the h*e?” Eminem has historically been highly reactive to issues surrounding his family. Cannon also alleges that there is a videotape of him performing a s*xual act with a man.

St. Louis’ Hitman Holla, Chicago’s Prince Eazy, and Harlem’s Charlie Clips pile on bars. They all use punchlines to attack Eminem. However, it’s recorded calls from Suge Knight that may stand out most. The former Death Row Records executive who clowned peers for getting involved in the music offered a take while serving a 28-year prison sentence for murder. “You know, I don’t never do no talkin’, but Nick is family,” Knight says at the top of the song.

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“Nick Cannon is a force in it-itself, and if you have proper time for conversation, y’all got the same energy for doin’ stuff for the people. He not scared to do stuff for the people. So if this dude want a real target on his back, that’s on him. But don’t talk no sh*t and don’t fight. And you know what you call a man who ain’t gon’ stand up and fight? He’s a b*tch. We should tell the motherf*ckers in Detroit he got 24 hours to respond, or they need kick his ass out that mothaf*ckin’ city,” warns Knight in the middle of a lengthy harangue.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Knight’s roster regularly dissed Eminem, who had become Dr. Dre’s star protege, in addition to former Death Row acts. One of Eminem’s former bodyguards, Big Naz, has detailed accounts of several confrontations, including the 1999 Source Awards, where Death Row tried to intimidate Eminem.

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In October, a representative of Suge alleged that Nick Cannon was writing a book about the Compton, California native’s life. Earlier this year, Death Row Records was purchased by the Hasbro toy company.