Royce Tells Joe Budden He Has A New Album & It Will Bring Budden Out Of Retirement

Just over two weeks ago (November 14), Royce 5’9 released his second single of 2019. Now a music video, “Black Savage” features Sy Ari Da Kid, White Gold, CyHi The Prynce and T.I. The song re-contextualized the disparaging term by instead, wearing it as a proud title. The song now plays during NFL games as part of JAY-Z and Roc Nation’s partnership with the league. “Black Savage” also marks Royce’s most noteworthy production to date in a year where he’s expanded his repertoire.

During the show’s 300th episode (“The London”) of The Joe Budden Podcast With Rory & Mal, Budden called up his former Slaughterhouse band-mate. Near the 70:00 mark, Joe tells his crew, “Let me tell you something: on that Royce – ‘Black Savages’ record, in my head, the third verse is me.” Then, Budden decides to call Nickel Nine. Moments into the friendly call, Joe says, “In my head, I move T.I., and I’m the third verse.” Royce laughed. As Joe’s co-hosts tease Budden that he’s out of shape from the microphone, Royce says he’s willing to work with his longtime collaborator. However, while joking around, Royce confirmed a followup to 2018’s The Book Of Ryan, named one of Ambrosia For Heads top albums of that year.

Royce 5’9, T.I. & CyHi Use Bold Bars To Redefine The Meaning Of Savage (Video)

“I’m telling you, my album gonna bring you out of retirement,” says Royce. At 75:00, Parks asks Royce if he produced the entire LP. In April, fellow Slaughterhouse alum Kxng Crooked confirmed that 5’9 was producing his group and moving behind the boards. “I produced the whole thing. The only reason I think it’s gonna make you want to rap, Joe, is because I could tell you’re just looking for a reason to want to rap. You’re literally baiting people into conversations to bait you into rap.” Last fall, Budden had a standoff with “Black Savages” guest CyHi. “I’m bored,” Joe admits with laughter, bringing up the CyHi situation. Royce says, “CyHi—that’s god-level” of his guest and the Budden challenger.

At the top of 2019, Royce also released a la carte single “Field Negro.”

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