CyHi The Prynce Challenges Joe Budden To A Rap Battle For $500,000 (Video)

In recent episodes of The Joe Budden Podcast, CyHi The Prynce has come up in conversation several times. Joe, along with co-hosts Rory, Mal, as well as Parks, have discussed CyHi’s announcement of his Kanye West-produced seven-song follow-up to 2017’s No Dope On Sundays. More recently, they addressed ‘Ye reportedly gifting a Bentley SUV to his onetime artist and writer. While acknowledging the Atlanta, Georgia MC’s lyrical abilities and strong debut LP, there were also some laughs.

Joe Budden, portraying CyHi as a slave, imitated the Georgia rapper during episode #166 (embedded at the bottom). “CyHi just tweeted yesterday, ‘Uh oh, masta’ said I’m gettin’ seven songs too! I know all the fans is happy now!” Later in the segment, Joe refers to the tweet after reading it. “This is him doin’ damage to how ni**as is lookin’ at him with these f*ckin’ tap-dance shoes that he got on. You the same ni**a, a few f*ckin’ weeks ago that they didn’t even add your name to the credits! Get this ni**a the f*ck outta here! Great-ass-album-for-nothin’-head-ass-ni**a,” said the show host.

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On June 11, CyHi tweeted that his seven-song Kanye-produced project was in the works:

It appears that CyHi was tuned in to some of the recent chatter, and he took umbrage. This week, in a promotional Team Backpack cypher for next month’s A3C Festival, The Prynce got at Budden, without mentioning him by name.

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In the TBP cypher alongside Deante Hitchcock, Naj Murph, and Tate228, CyHi spits: “I don’t need a Xany’ or a shot of brandy / To murder a ni**a, playin’ me like I’m cotton-candy / Get ya kids napped, tell ’em ‘pop the nanny’ / Turn your house into The Adams Family / Whoa, you wanna know what I just thought about? / I think that I should’ve been in Slaughterhouse / Leave you with a rib-eye tryna’ clown me / Boy, I knock the legs off a cow just to ground beef / So call Backpack or Smack and tell ’em set it up / And anyone who wanna bring a half-a-mil’, we can bet it up.” Those are the bars that CyHi uses to close his verse.

On today’s (September 29) episode #183 of The Joe Budden Podcast, the host and his colleagues acknowledge the diss. On the podcast, Rory points on that on Slaughterhouse’s 2009 “Sound Off,” Royce 5’9 proclaimed: “We a outfit, equivalent to Voltron’s / That boy Crooked I’s equivalent to four arms / Joell Ortiz is the body / The cannibal slash killer, kill you then eat your body / Joe Budden is the pair of legs / He runs sh*t alongside I, the apparent head.

Without saying Joe’s name, CyHi is knocking “the legs off the cow,” which is the group’s logo. Editor’s Note: The logo is a pig. Meanwhile, CyHi mentions Slaughterhouse. While spitting the “rib-eye” line, CyHi imitates icing an eye injury. On video, Joe did just that, following a 2009 altercation with Raekwon and members of Wu-Tang Clan’s entourage.

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The discussion on the most recent podcast begins at 60:30. The team plays CyHi’s latest verse and the bars in question. Then, Joe responds to the diss with, “CyHi, I have a million dollars, and I’ll clean your ass up. You can’t come to the party with that.” Budden also claims that he told The Prynce he would best him last year during an Everyday Struggle appearance. Joe continues by praising his apparent challenger. “Boy, CyHi sounds great. He was killin’ it. I’m talkin’ sh*t ’cause I’m a rapper. But outside of that, yeah, I love CyHi!,” also noting that the ATLien sounded “timid” in the verse. Rory asks Joe if he would reply to an entire quality diss record by CyHi. “I’m retired; I’m not replying to none of these ni**as.” Mal mentions the $500,000 bet. “Half a mil’, track-for-track? Of course, we gotta do that,” Joe clarifies. “Any rapper that money has been on the line for—nah, they never really put it up…I don’t think that CyHi has $500,000 of disposable income,” before adding that he personally sees that as a lot of money for such a wager. “I want my half-a-mil’; I don’t want to lose it.”

The G.O.O.D. Music affiliate mentions a spot in Slaughterhouse during an interesting time for the group. In April, KXNG Crooked publicly announced he had left the group because he wanted to make music. Later that month, Royce 5’9 went on record as calling the Shady Records act as disbanded. In the last month, Joe Budden blamed Eminem for not properly helping the group in the early 2010s along with hurting its sound with input and production. In turn, Eminem responded that Joe Budden stopped working on the group’s third album because he demanded further compensation. Em also alleged that there was a possibility that the quartet of Ortiz, Crook’, Royce, and Budden never recouped its advance for a two-album contract. To make matters more interesting, in the last year, Budden declared that he is retired from Rap to work on his podcast, State Of The Culture show, and other ventures.

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Ambrosia For Heads named CyHi’s No Dope On Sundays one of its Top 15 Hip-Hop albums of 2017. Elsewhere in the Joe Budden Podcast episode, the host recalls his days beefing with Wu-Tang Clan. The crew reacts to Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, and predict the chart ranking between Weezy, Logic, and Kanye West’s Yandhi album.

#BonusBeat: The Joe Budden Podcast addressing CyHi The Prynce in June: