Eminem Says MGK Is An Enemy & He Wants To Destroy Him (Video)

Part 2 of Eminem’s intense interview with Sway Calloway premiered moments ago (September 12). After describing the frustration from Revival criticism that fueled last month’s Kamikaze album, Eminem got to the nuts and bolts of two of his biggest beefs: Joe Budden and MGK (aka Machine Gun Kelly) in another 13-minute clip.

Of Joe, he says, “Listen, me and Joe Budden aren’t friends like that; we didn’t go to the same f*ckin’ high school or some sh*t like that. So I get that part. But when I’m out here flying around to different places and doing interviews, and trying to use my platform to pump up Slaughterhouse every chance I get, you’re using your platform to f*ckin’ trash me? I’m one of the things that keeps this ship moving,” Em says of the Shady Records quartet of Joe, KXNG Crooked, Royce 5’9, and Joell Ortiz. Last year, Joe lambasted Eminem’s “Untouchable” single. “You’ve got a voice in Hip-Hop, so you actually could be affecting this ship a lil’ bit. You don’t owe me nothing. But I’ve never got in a f*ckin’ interview and been like, ‘Joe Budden’s sh*t is trash! That last album he put out is f*ckin’ trash.’ So that’s kind of the attitude I took to this whole album, Kamikaze, is like—alright, what if I give everybody my opinion about them?”

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Eminem then describes his passion for Slaughterhouse. Last week on his podcast, Joe said he felt Em negatively guided the group with beat choices and executive production. Slim Shady likens the public criticism of 2012’s welcome to: our HOUSE to what he endured with Revival. “To me, the beats were crazy on that album,” he says, adding that he only offered input on some production and mixing. Em also says that the group’s third album, reportedly titled Glass House, needed a few more songs after the members could not agree with the LP’s sound and direction. He says he “didn’t want to touch it with my production, because I felt like what if that is the reason that they didn’t sell albums? I don’t want to hinder that.” In that period, as Em worked on Revival, the members did solo and side projects. “I thought they were just happy with that, that they were just gonna work on their own projects for a while and we’d come back and visit this or whatever,” says Em. “[The] next thing I know I hear Joe talking about ‘who got that money?’ Who got what money?” explains Marshall Mathers. “I hate to say this ’cause I think the guys are super f*ckin’ talented, but the album didn’t do much to even recoup the first budget. Then we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the second album that never came out. What money didn’t you get? I don’t know if I made a f*ckin’ dime off of Slaughterhouse; I don’t care if I made nothing! I believed in them. I wanted them to be huge, man. I wanted a group that lyrical to f*ckin’ just bust through everything. It hurt my feelings a lot when the first album didn’t do good.”

Eminem calls his “Fall” diss bars against Joe “a tap.” He explains why he brought up a personal matter like domestic abuse. “The reason I had to do that was there’s a fine line between saying, ‘You know what? This guy’s been really cool to me. He’s helped me out and tried to help out on many occasion, so I’m not gonna go in on “Untouchable” like that. I’m gonna say, “It ain’t for me. I’m not crazy about.” Whatever,’ but to be ‘the worst song you’ve ever heard in your life,’ have you listened to your own sh*t? Do you not listen back?” Visibly incensed, Eminem does not finish his thought. Joe was outspoken against Em’s single in late 2017 while at his post at Everyday Struggle.

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At 8:30, Sway reveals that he learned that MGK was not welcome at Shade 45. The host of Sway In The Morning admits that he had to rescind an offer to the Cleveland, Ohio rapper. He does not elaborate. On this month’s “Rap Devil,” Machine Gun Kelly accused Eminem of black-balling him at radio and trying to get him dropped from his Bad Boy/Interscope deal. The second part, Eminem refutes, saying there were never calls made to Jimmy Iovine or Puff Daddy.

Em says that MGK’s tweets about the Shady Records founder’s daughter were not on his radar until years later. He learned of it through YouTube interviews. “He starts doing a press run, basically, about Hailey! What the f*ck? Yo! My man better chill. That’s not why I dissed him, the reason I dissed him is a lot more petty than that,” he continues. Em goes on to say that a few lines in MGK’s verse on Tech N9ne song “No Reason” and a corresponding tweet felt like shots (“You think ’cause I wrote a pop hit that I won’t pop sh*t? / The f*ck’s wrong with you Pop-Tarts? / I pop cherries and pop stars, you Popsicles is not hard / Popped in on the top charts out the cop car / To remind y’all you just rap and not God /And I don’t care who got bars“). MGK also reportedly spit a freestyle that proclaimed himself “the best rapper alive since I got banned from Shade 45.” In a lucid moment, Eminem charges, “You think I give a f*ck about your career? You know how many f*ckin’ rappers that are better than you? You’re not even in the f*ckin’ conversation. I don’t care if you blow or don’t blow; it doesn’t matter to me. But then, when you get on Tech N9ne’s album, and you start sending shots, and people start hitting me up [about it]. Shut the f*ck up! Just shut the f*ck up! Now I’m in this weird thing because I’m like, I gotta answer this motherf*cker. And every time I do that it makes that person—[for] as irrelevant as people say I am in Hip-Hop—I make them bigger by getting into [it with them],” he says, before proclaiming Machine Gun Kelly “a f*cking enemy.”

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Without being prompted, Eminem reveals his plans after “Rap Devil,” a diss he heard. “I’m not sure exactly what I’m gonna do at this point right now,” he begins, before calling the diss “not bad for him. He has some good lines in it…it didn’t feel like a diss to me, it just felt pitiful.” He closes, “I’m gonna sit back, and I’m gonna wait for a second, just to see…because if people start firing off, and I try to answer every-f*cking-body that I dissed on Kamikaze, I’ma be [in the studio for a while.” Sway warns, “You gonna get hit though.”

In the upcoming Part 3, Eminem will address Dr. Dre’s creative role in his recent music. For those that missed yesterday’s Part 1, Em touches on some mistakes relating to his older albums.