Tech N9ne & Flatbush Zombies Refuse To Compromise. They Are Riding High (Video)

Comprised of MCs Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick The Architect, the Flatbush Zombies have defied Rap convention since their 2010 inauguration into the game. The Zombies have since released two mind-bending studio albums, with their most recent LP, Vacation In Hell, dropping nearly two years ago. This year, the Zombies assisted in the release of their collaborative project, Escape from New York, as the super-group, Beast Coast. That was a merger with fellow New York collectives, The Underachievers and Pro Era. Despite their new school style and status, the Flatbush Zombies have paid homage to the O.G.s who came before them both musically and in real life, having worked with some of Hip-Hop’s most prominent artists including RZA, Juicy J, and Jim Jones. Now the Brooklyn rappers have linked up with yet another envelope-pushing, independent MC, Tech N9ne, for their latest video, “Monica.”

Directed by Noah Porter, the Zombies’ most recent effort combines their otherworldly, psychedelic twist and Big Apple grit into one complete package. Opening in the darkened city streets, the Zombies walk through the night in grim shots interpolated by visuals of the trio rapping tough in a conversely vibrant environment. Like their partner in crime, Tech N9ne, the FBZ spit proudly about their Rap independence and the unique lane they’ve carved for themselves.

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Erick The Architect, who produced the wavy Electronic record, jumps in first and comments on his own struggles on his path to success, with the rhymes in the middle of each bar. “Only rapper makin’ beats since 17, my ni**a / They thought FBZ was just Juice and Meech, my ni**a / Never did it hurt my soul or self-esteem, my ni**a / But that sh*t weak, my ni**a, they still sleep, my ni**a / Even from wheelchair I rap with such ease, my ni**a / Way better than rappers standin’ on two feet, my ni**a / Surgery right after tour, I feel elite, my ni**a / Now I’m right back with the squad I’ll never leave, my ni**a / World tour, how we payin’, while you leasin’ my ni**a? / Copped the crib before a chain, but I had reason, my ni**a / Ain’t no tattoos on my frame but my mark leaving, my ni**a / You never see me, my ni**a, my whole team is my ni**as / Treatin’ me like 222 has been my number, my ni**a / That’s two albums, self-produced, and yet they wonder, my ni**a / Billboard-toppin’, independent, we still under, my ni**a / You know my body, we just vibin’ on the grind with my ni**as.”

To close, Tech N9ne rolls up in a vintage orange 4×4 with the Zombies posted around him, spitting raw and rugged to reveal what these real beasts of Rap are all about. Tech goes in, “I’m a beast, my ni**a, I’m ’bout to teach my ni**as / Through my anonymous link, I show up on your street my ni**a / I’d rather be on herb, oil, and kief, my ni**a / Than comin’ off the throne tryna defeat my ni**as / I’m a chief, my ni**a, I can help you eat my ni**a / So why when it come to me you scammin’, plannin’ deceit, my ni**a? (Come on) / They comin’ for me because I’m the one gettin’ the dough (Fly spitter) / They actin’ like back in the day I ain’t used to be poor (Why bitter?) / So if they ever come up to me and trip on my show (My trigger) / Then let it blow (Die quicker), they’re gonna know (My ni**a) / Computer bangin’ and sh*t, yo that’s wuss, my ni**a / Do that, but never ever come where crack’s cooked, my ni**a / You that shook my ni**a, in fact, look my ni**a / The gat pushed, stack kush with Flatbush, my ni**a.”

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Earlier this year, Tech N9ne released N9NA. It features Krizz Kaliko, Futuristic, and others.

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