Lords Of The Underground Are Back… Don’t Sleep On Real Rap (Video)

The New Jersey trio of DoItAll, Mister Funke, and DJ Lord Jazz have made their return to music and are gearing up to release their first album in over a decade. Together as Lords Of The Underground, the group released four albums between 1993-2007, but have been relatively quiet in recent years, until now. Known for being one of the key Garden State representers during the 1990s, the new album is appropriately titled So Legendary, and while they have yet to drop the release date and tracklist, they have just released the first single off the album, “Insomniac.”

As with the entirety of the album, “Insomniac” is produced by The Snowgoons, who in the past decade have produced entire albums that similarly rejuvenated the underground careers of ’90s mainstays M.O.P. and ONYX. Here they lace the Lords Of The Underground with a boom-bap beat combined with an electric guitar riff to give DoItAll and Mister Funke a smooth pocket to flow in. The two emcees split the verses between each other, going for eight or four bars at a time and drawing ties between not being able to sleep both literally and figuratively.

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While L.O.T.U.G. will always be associated with New Jersey, both through their music and their political involvement, the “Insomniac” song and video shows a newfound connection the group has with Germany. Having recorded the entire album with The Snowgoons in their home country, they filmed the music video in Cologne and also shout-out the city in the first verse.

Further building on that connection, Lords Of The Underground are planning a European tour with ONYX this April that will include stops in several German cities. Here is their full list of tour dates for the 2020 So Legendary European Tour:

10.04. Aarau – Switzerland
12.04. Vienna – Austria
15.04. Dortmund – Germany w/ Onyx
16.04. Munich – Germany w/ Onyx
18.04. Bielefeld – Germany w/ Onyx
19.04. Berlin – Germany w/ Onyx
23.04. Stuttgart – Germany w/ Onyx
29.04. Paris – France
02.05. Dresden – Germany w/ Onyx

In 2017, DoItAll ran for office in Newark, New Jersey.

Redman – Hands Up ft Mr. Cheeks & DoItAll (Produced By Easy Mo Bee)

Press image provided by The Snowgoons.