Reason Shows Off A New Song With Kendrick Lamar On Backup Vocals (Video)

UPDATE: Reason has now released the music video to “Show Stop”:

2020 is proposed to be an exciting year for TDE. The California-based label is known for teasing albums without much warning and dropping surprise singles with only days notice. This comes at a time when fans are highly anticipating the prospects of a Kendrick Lamar album, a new release by SZA, Isaiah Rashad (tentatively titled The House Is Burning), Reason. The last of the grouping teased back in November at the Day N’ Vegas festival, a new Ab-Soul record. Rumors aside, Reason continues a stride after releasing a few loosies, music videos, and freestyle sessions.

And today, Reason comes through with another new single, “Show Stop,” featuring background adlibs by Kendrick Lamar. The song officially kicks off TDE’s 2020 and is rumored to be featured on Reason’s upcoming project, R2. Produced by The Ninety’s and !llmind, Reason drops a slower flow through a careful cadence, as Kendrick Lamar makes an appearance in the background as Reason’s sort of hype-man throughout the xylophone dings on the track.

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Reason lets the banging production air out as he raps shorter bars on “Show Stop,” giving breath to the instrumental before kicking up his pace. “Chick like whips, I skrrt all Wraith / Money talk sh*t, I ain’t heard y’all, aight / Brand new tips with the shirt, alright / Ni**a pop sh*t, might earn me case / Mama in the hood, like ‘Calm down, woah’ / Try’na move her out to a compound, oh / Moved on up, ni**a get signed now / Top ni**a, Top Dawg, top ni**a, top- wait.”

Kendrick echoes his bars in the background and reverb assist, helping Reason go back and forth between his reserved style. Reason doubles down for the second first: “F*ck being conscious, money and profit / I been on dollars / I need deposits, I need my mama / ‘Least I been brought up / I been impatient, lookin’ for statements / Cartier bracelet, I ain’t have nathing / I’ve been wavin’, pushin’ Mercedes / You got a payment.

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Last year, Kendrick provided uncredited background vocals on the Grammy-nominated Revenge Of The Dreamers III, by Dreamville. Reason is prominently featured on that album, and the newly-released deluxe edition expanded tracks.