Lords Of The Underground Team With ONYX To Show Today’s MCs What’s Up (Video)

The return of the real is here and in grand effect with two vetera Hip-Hop forces collaborating for a new song called “What’s Up.”

Lords Of The Underground recruit ONYX for a high energy collaboration, produced by the Snowgoons production team. This marks the first time the Newark, New Jersey collective links up with the New York City Rap group for a colossal cut that puts today’s MCs on notice. “What’s Up” appears on L.O.T.U.G.’s upcoming effort, So Legendary (February 21), which is entirely produced by the Snowgoons.

Lords Of The Underground Are Back… Don’t Sleep On Real Rap (Video)

How did such a collaboration between these respected early 1990s cliques (mentored by Marley Marl and Jam Master Jay, respectively) come together? Weekly Rap Gods‘ Frankie Salvation sat down with Snowgoons’ DJ Illegal for an interview about how it all came together.

“We recorded the album with Lords Of The Underground in Germany, during the Euro Tour, and we had two shows upcoming with ONYX. We just finished up the SnowMads album (embedded below) with ONYX and had the idea to bring them all together in the studio in Hamburg, since they never worked together. Everybody started immediately vibin’ out to some beats I played and Fredro Starr just screamed out, ‘Yo! What’s up?! Are we doing this?’, and he said it on the beat like it was a line he just wrote. That’s how the hook was created and the rest of the song came together.”

Redman – Hands Up ft Mr. Cheeks & DoItAll (Produced By Easy Mo Bee)

All members of each respective crew wrote their own verses and had the song completed in only one hour according to DJ Illegal.

DoItAll, Mister Funke, and DJ Lord Jazz are among others in the culture who are making a triumphant return to Rap in a major way. L.O.T.U.G being back is a major milestone for those who were hardcore fans of the Dirty Jerz’ trio. Between 1993 and 2007, the Garden State triple threat act released four albums, but fell relatively quiet in recent years. Last month, they launched this LP’s campaign with the “Insomniac” video.

ONYX Rates The Bars. Sticky Fingaz & Fredro Starr Slam A Few Peers (Video)

The visual, which is powered by LAFTRO Entertainment, can be seen above and is live tour footage that showcases the electricity that these two acts carry whenever on stage. The beat is for the hard-rocks only, while the Lords with Sticky and Fredro showcase that their connection isn’t just in the booth.

Lords of the Underground and ONYX are planning a European tour of their own, beginning this April, that will include stops in several German cities.

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Below is the full list of tour dates:

10.04. Aarau – Switzerland
12.04. Vienna – Austria
15.04. Dortmund – Germany w/ ONYX
16.04. Munich – Germany w/ ONYX
18.04. Bielefeld – Germany w/ ONYX
19.04. Berlin – Germany w/ ONYX
23.04. Stuttgart – Germany w/ ONYX
29.04. Paris – France
02.05. Dresden – Germany w/ ONYX

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Press photograph provided by Goon Musick PR.

#BonusBeat: ONYX & The Snowgoons’ SnowMads album, featuring Bumpy Knuckles, Nems, Flee Lord, and Ufo Fev: