Royce 5’9 Kicks An Incredible Freestyle With Substance, Swagger & A Few Jabs (Video)

Royce 5’9 knows how to make his lyrics feel a depth charge. Commemorating The L.A. Leakers’ 100th freestyle, the veteran MC kicks some rhymes from his album that need to be heard. He also drives home some new heat with an insane freestyle.

The Detroit, Michigan rapper, who is celebrating a stellar year with his new album, congratulates the L.A. Leakers on their success before going into a standout Allegory cut, “Thou Shall.” Say what you want about spittin’ written verses in the form of a freestyle, the delivery shows that these lyrics need to be heard.

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Rolling with the chopper daily / Pupils dilated like I’m Sada Baby / Nozzle on that gun longer than the one on that Gaga lady / You haters busters, I’m David Ruffin, it’ll take me nothing / To put your life on the Dollar Menu, right there by the Egg McMuffin,” Royce rhymes with ease. “Whoever Superman, I got Kryptonite in these hands / But I rather soup-a-man, leave you liquified with these cans / I don’t care if you rappers are trending topics, your sh*t is garbage / Couldn’t make a classic out of that trash if you had Brenda drop it.”

However, Royce flips the switch and gets to some new material over the five-plus-minute spot. “We attribute the original way we articulate through bricks of yay / Zipped up on 18-wheelers on interstates / We distribute weight then matriculate into real estate,” Royce spits during the second leg. Moments later, he gets autobiographical, “Me and Em’ came through, did the original ‘Renegade’ / Gave that sh*t to Jay, then spit a gem onstage at Dilla Day.

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He also pulls no punches. Following a recent calling out of Yelawolf and Kid Rock, Nickel Nine puts actor/podcast host Michael Rapaport on notice for disparaging remarks he’s made about Meek Mill. He also checks Lonzo Ball for 2017 comments about Nas. “Culture vultures know I won’t stand for sh*t I can’t enforce / Labels know my name ain’t on paper or dough I can’t endorse / Cordae, you know you’ll always be my lil’ man, of course / Don’t let Atlantic destroy ya standards playin’ a mechanic horse / Pass the torch and walk away / A hammer Thor, my hands are forced / Slap Michael Rapaport across the face at the Gansevoort / Like, ‘that’s for Meek’ / Drop Alonzo Ball corpse off on Nas porch, dog, that’s for the blasphemy / No apathy / Inside the minds of white supremacists / With cognitive dissonance / Most compromised position for Blacks to be.

I’d rather watch Floyd May’ flash at a Gucci store a day / Then work for an assh*le that gets mad at me asking for a raise,” he continues. “Cop a new cotton pickin’ Aston in grey just for the slaves / You ni**as current; Nickel was born and raised to destroy a wave / Rather give these youngin’s direction, ‘stead of just ignore their ways / Plant trees so all my advanced seeds can enjoy the shade.

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The Allegory features Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn, Kxng Crooked, Vince Staples, Kid Vishis, Grafh, DJ Premier, and more.