J.I.D. Reminds He’s One Of The Best MCs Of His Generation

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Compared to years past, J.I.D. kept a lower profile during 2021. He did not release any solo projects or participate in compilation work. However, the 31-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native released two songs with Conway The Machine, linked with label-mate Lute, and collaborated with Masego and Big Boi. There were also a few noteworthy loosies that dropped along the way. However, the Grammy-nominated MC is wasting no time kicking off 2022 with emphasis. “Surround Sound” finds J.I.D. teaming with 21 Savage and Baby Tate. It demonstrates why one of Hip-Hop’s best talents of the late 2010s stands tall among his generation.

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“Surround Sound” reworks a sample that will resonate with fans of Y2K underground Hip-Hop, as well as classic southern Soul music. J.I.D. tackles the chorus and the first verse. However, it’s when he returns to the song for a second clip of bars that he makes his strongest point: “Sorry in advance for my bro’s / They’ll whip a ni**a ass, what you whippin’ up? Woah / J.I.D. in the bag, if you lookin’ for that dope / Ni**as got it in the bag ’cause we trappin’ on the low / And I’m the sh*t with the flow / Give me a joke, heard the ni**a say you the next? No, no, no / I’m the best, tell them b*tches stop the motherf*ckin’ press / Press stop, f*ck a Top 5 list / Get in they vest, he get lopsided / F*ck the cops, we was runnin’ from Rottweilers / Must of my partners ain’t have papas, just a pop condom / Couple kids with Alzheimers, .40 on his side / Boy you Mike Alstott, he on the block violent / Robbin’ ni**as in the hood, and then swap genres.” Moments later, he raps, “I’m a, I’m a, I’m an anomaly, I turned into Rap ironically / And ran the backup back up, ni**as is onto me / Ni**as should honor me / If you think that I’m a wannabe it’s pretty comedy / I’m melancholy and cool, so calmly bustin’ moves / My truths carry velocity.”

21 Savage, who has done some of his best (and Grammy-winning) work in linking with J. Cole in the past, shows once more that Dreamville can bring the best out of him. Baby Tate, who was on 2019’s Revenge Of The Dreamers compilation, offers a bridge to J.I.D.’s chorus.

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