Tha Dogg Pound Announce They Are Back On Death Row & Making Dogg Food 2

Last month, just ahead of his Super Bowl halftime show, Snoop Dogg announced ownership of Death Row Records. With the news, Snoop released BODR (Bacc On Death Row)—marking his return to the label after nearly 25 years. That album featured a posthumous appearance from Nate Dogg, Snoop’s longtime band-mate in 213. Now, two of Snoopy’s other proteges reveal they are also back on Death Row, and making a sequel to their double-platinum debut.

“Daz and Kurupt, we’re back on The Row with the Dogg,” Kurupt says in an Instagram video. “We got a lot of exciting things for y’all that we got comin’ up. Dogg has a plan, and we’re involved. We’re in that plan.” Moments later, Kurupt reveals, “Dogg Food 2, it’s comin’—Daz, Snoopy, Kurupt [are] hittin’ ’em real heavy with that. Eastsidaz [and] DPG—get ready for that project as well, together as one. This is what we do. Shouts out to Harry-O; Harry-O’s back on the block.” Daz and Kurupt then both shout out Suge Knight. “He helped us to make it to this point, you understand me? And he supported, so we definitely got love for Simon.” Kurupt also acknowledges Dr. Dre. “Dogg and Harry-O made it where we can go back at it again. Daz and Kurupt; Kurupt and Daz.”


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Michael “Harry-O” Harris and his wife Lydia were investors of Death Row in the early 1990s. At the time, Harry-O was behind bars for a drug trafficking conviction. His lawyer, David Kenner, reportedly brokered a deal to launch a label with Dr. Dre and manager Suge Knight. However, as Death Row found success starting in 1992, Michael and Lydia were reportedly excluded after Knight and Dre formed another entity—keeping Kenner as counsel. Like Harris in the 1990s, Knight is now behind bars for the 2015 killing of music executive Terry Carter. Harris was released in early 2021 as a pardon from then-President Donald Trump.

In the five-minute video, Kurupt also stated that he feels personal joy in the return. “We’re back to having fun. It was a long conquest, like Daz said—a long journey. But we’re still here, still pushin’ that line, and guess what? We’re still together, and we’re still ridin’ it out.” Both Kurupt and Daz announce that solo projects are on the horizon, beginning with Young Gotti’s Transition. He adds that he shot two recent music videos, including “Fire Off.” Dillinger notes that an upcoming album will revive his former moniker, Dat Ni**a Daz. Of Death Row’s recent success with NFTs and plans to become a revolutionary label in the virtual space, Daz notes, “I don’t want to be in this universe; I want to be in the metaverse.”

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The video ends with a sneak-peak of new music.

Tha Dogg Pound offered strong support to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Snoop’s Doggystyle in 1992 and 1993. Daz Dillinger (then known as Dat Ni**a Daz) and Kurupt began their own discography in ’93 with “Ni**az Don’t Give A F*ck” from the Poetic Justice soundtrack. The duo played a strong role on Death Row compilations before stepping forth with 1995’s Dogg Food. That album, executive produced and mixed by Dr. Dre, earned double-platinum certification. That album offered an early appearance for Tray Deee, who would co-found Da Eastidaz with Snoop and Goldie Loc. In the video, they clarify that the DPG/Eastsidaz project is a separate upcoming Death Row release.

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In 2007, DPG previously released a follow-up to Dogg Food with the Koch Records-released Dogg Chit. Featuring Snoop, The Game, Too Short, and the late Bad Azz, that album reached #77 on the charts. Previously, both Daz and Kurupt had separately returned to Death Row during the late 1990s and 2000s, at different times. This association led to the group’s hiatus while the men dissed one another.

Last year, Kurupt made another surprise, releasing HRSMN’s The Last Ride with Ras Kass, Canibus, and Killah Priest. He spoke at length about the group and his Death Row days in an interview with Ambrosia For HeadsWhat’s The Headline podcast.