LL Cool J Responds To His Memes & Shows Why He’s The GOAT

LL Cool J has spent nearly 40 years in the spotlight. Since his teen years, the Queens, New Yorker captivated audiences with his confidence, charm, and knack for making incredible songs. While James Todd Smith has expanded to film, television, radio, and lots of charitable efforts, he can still make time to poke fun at himself—especially when it comes to his extensive music video catalog.

This week, Uncle L released two clips that show the other side of a G.O.A.T.-level MC. “[It is] time to break the silence: yeah, I was definitely ridiculous; that’s my goal,” begins the visual. LL reacts to comments that fans have made about his videos, pointing out some of the meme-worthy antics that Cool J has been part of. With one of his videos playing in the background, LL explains that playing a model’s leg like a guitar was inspired by an expression his father used to make. Retrospectively, he wishes it were multiple women. In one of his romantic Mr. Smith-era visuals, LL feels similarly about pouring Hershey’s chocolate syrup on the apple of his eye. “I should’ve used more chocolate,” says the MC of “Loungin’.” Later in the first vignette, he maintains that washing a woman’s hair in the shower while fully clothed was a natural motivation. “Absolutely, I had to do it,” and adds that hygiene is very important.

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The Any Given Sunday star also vehemently defends stiff-arming a much younger football player in LSG’s “Curious” music video. Then, LL confronts his “my hat is like a shark’s fin” lyric and imagery—something that was born early in his career on “I’m BAD” and then became the basis of a whole song in the late 1990s. LL admits that he still holds that comparison closely and remains a fan of sharks. Regarding another humorous video, “Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag,” LL insists that his character leaving the scene of a flat tire to hop on a bus was acting from a real place. “I ain’t too good for public transportation; what’s going on, man?”

Going back to the ’80s, LL Cool J maintains that the storyline to the “I’m That Type Of Guy” video matches a fantasy he’s had. One of the funnier moments in the second vignette is LL reacting to a fan pointing out that he emerged from underwater with the red Kangol in place on his head in one visual. “You know I make my own rules,” says the Rock The Bells founder from behind designer shades.

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