CyHi The Prynce Disses Joe Budden On A Blistering Freestyle

For three and a half years, there has been tension brewing between Joe Budden and CyHi The Prynce. The MC-turned-media mogul has been critical of the former G.O.O.D. Music artist.

In 2018, Budden criticized CyHi’s relationship with Kanye West. “CyHi just tweeted yesterday, ‘Uh oh, masta’ said, I’m gettin’ seven songs too! I know all the fans is happy now!” Joe said that online gestures towards West devalued the Georgia MC’s talents. “This is him doin’ damage to how ni**as is lookin’ at him with these f*ckin’ tap-dance shoes that he got on. You the same ni**a, a few f*ckin’ weeks ago that they didn’t even add your name to the credits! Get this ni**a the f*ck outta here! Great-ass-album-for-nothin’-head-ass-ni**a,” said the show host at the time.

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At the time, CyHi started responding to Budden, including an A3C cypher verse alongside Deante Hitchcock, Naj Murph, and Tate228. “I don’t need a Xany’ or a shot of brandy / To murder a ni**a, playin’ me like I’m cotton-candy / Get ya kids napped, tell ’em ‘pop the nanny’ / Turn your house into The Adams Family / Whoa, you wanna know what I just thought about? / I think that I should’ve been in Slaughterhouse / Leave you with a rib-eye tryna’ clown me / Boy, I knock the legs off a cow just to ground beef / So call Backpack or Smack and tell ’em set it up / And anyone who wanna bring a half-a-mil’, we can bet it up.” CyHi referenced Joe’s Slaughterhouse collective (including a clever jab at his “Sound Off” verse), along with allusions towards his family. CyHi also proposed a half-a-million dollar Rap battle against the retired MC.

In 2022, there is still bad blood between Joe and CyHi. During a freestyle appearance on Sway’s Universe, CyHi raps, “I wore a ski mask to raid the masquerade / Masking tape / I’m strapped with a flash grenade / Mass invade / I’m Huey with a black beret / Crack a cracker over the head ’til he crack the safe / Can’t understand why y’all mad with ‘Ye / Everybody dyin’ to make my mama and dad a slave / The person that built the boat that crashed the waves,” he spits to Nas’ “Your da Man” instrumental (as produced by Large Professor). Moments later, after talking about packing gats and lucid thoughts leaving a strip club, CyHi turns his aim. “Joe Budden, why you got so much hate in your heart?/ You gon’ f*ck around and make hatin’ an art / I don’t see much time I could waste on that mark / And please say the remarks / ‘Cause your radio personality never had the personality to come and see me in person / They in virtual reality,” CyHi raps. Notably, the whole freestyle was removed from YouTube, but the two-plus-minute clip remains.

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Joe responded on Twitter. “Why is CyHi doing that to my name while I’m on vacation? That’s not nice,” Budden he shared. In another tweet he wrote “And with that nasty-ass bar too….. you lot so lucky lol.” Then, Budden tweeted a shrug emoji. That prompted CyHi to explain his motivation for the song, and why it was pulled from the official Sway’s Universe channel. “You’re lucky they f*cked my vocals up lol up but you are a hater! ‘Cause one day you champion a ni**a then you turn around and say some weird sh*t,” said the MC. “So you use my name for views so I just returned the favor!”

CyHi recently launched EGOT Records through EMPIRE distribution. He released the single “Tears” with Jacquees. He previously appeared on the Grammy-nominated Allegory album by Joe’s Slaughterhouse band-mate Royce 5’9.

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