AZ Drops Another Vintage Verse On A New Song With Logic

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Today (June 17), Logic released Vinyl Days. The Gaithersburg, Maryland native MC/producer uses his seventh album to celebrate a profound love of Hip-Hop and rapping. The Def Jam Records 30-song collection features Royce 5’9″, DJ Premier, RZA, Blu & Exile, The Game, Action Bronson, Curren$y, and others. Like another album guest, Russ, with his 2021 CHOMP 2 LP, Logic wants use to use the gravitas of a platinum recording career (nearly diamond he boasts at one point) to bring fans to the music that inspires him—including whole songs dedicated to Madlib and extensive sampling. The album breaks a retirement vow while also marking the parting ways with the major label he’s been signed to since early 2013.

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One noteworthy guest is AZ. AZ, whose career was ignited by a show-stopping feature verse on Nas’ Illmatic cut “Life’s A B*tch,” is known to be one of the best guests on albums. Tha Visualiza appears on “Carnival,” a song produced by longtime Logic collaborator 6ix, as well as PSTMN. For “Carnival,” he opens: “What makes an MC? Let’s raise this entry / For me, once embraced, left states in a frenzy / Face his envy with the grace of Pimp C / It’s never complicated, the basics been me / From straight with 10 G’s to racin’ Bentleys / School from the jump to lacin’ gently / Convince me, who cooler out in Aruba? / Blowin’ ounces of Buddha, I know the routes, the maneuver, pursuer,” says the East New York veteran. He contrasts his humble beginnings with a lavish lifestyle now. “Let’s speak about it, I keep a stylist / From eatin’ phallus to fornicatin’ at Caesar’s Palace / Balance both feet on the concrete / Calm and meek, though that heat is in my arm reach / From Palms Beach to the pretty sands in the Turks / Fifty grand disperse, never plan for the worst / Let me work, haha, I wrote it just how I quote it / It’s hopeless tryin’ to decode it, I’m Moses now for the moment.

Logic rises to the occasion, fully aware of his collaborator’s legacy. The MC/producer begins, “Yeah, ayo, life’s a b*tch, we knew that / Guns drawn, where the loot at? / Chillin’ at the crib bumpin’ Lupe and Lootpack / Rhymin’ since 2001, I’m Stanley Kubrick / Shining with my Eyes Wide Shut like it’s Clockwork / Full Metal Jacket got you walkin’ awkward / Rappin’ is a way of life, all this money just a perk / Go berzerk on the beat, machine work / ‘Til I’m spacin’ out like Captain Kirk, wanna know my net worth? / Motherf*cker got 10 milli’, that’s cute, you ain’t in my network / My money Oceans Eleven, y’all snatchin’ a purse / Black and white like Clerks / Take ’em to church with the verse / Choppin’ samples with Doc in another universe.” The verse fits with the rest of the album, with thoughtful wordplay, and an opportunity to champion Madlib’s group with DJ Romes and Wildchild, as well as Lupe Fiasco. Notably, Funkmaster Flex adds some vocals to the song, impressed by both AZ and Logic.

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Earlier this year, AZ released a deluxe edition of 2021’s Doe Or Die 2, including additional tracks produced by Statik Selektah, B!nk, and Bud’dha. 2 Chainz appears on one such bonus cut.

The AFH playlist features another Logic song from Vinyl Days, this one including Blu & Exile, as well as Pac Div’s Grammy-winning producer/MC Like. The collection of tracks also includes new music from Action Bronson, Russ, Cordae, and Big K.R.I.T.

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#BonusBeat: In late 2021, AZ spoke to AFH‘s What’s The Headline podcast about his Doe Or Die 2 album, his top MCs, and some of his favorite fellow feature snipers.