Pharrell Has Made The Most Creative Video & Beat Of The Year

While it has been five years since he or his groups have released an album, Pharrell Williams’ 2022 is ramping up. In spring, he competed (and collaborated) with Kanye West in producing Pusha-T’s chart-topping album, It’s Almost Dry. Now, Skateboard P delivers a video single that shines within his incredible 25-plus-year music catalog.

Pharrell is at the helm for one of 2022’s hardest beats—if not thee hardest. “Cash In Cash Out” features 21 Savage and one of Pharrell’s top collaborators and hit-making pupils, Tyler, The Creator. The three Grammy winners of recent link up for an incredibly catchy song and a video that is just as captivating.

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“Some time back, [Pharrell] played me this 21 Savage song, and I was like this is the hardest sh*t I’ve ever heard in my life,” Tyler recently told GQ’s Jewel Wicker. “The beat sounded like an alley. It sounded like the syringe that’s in the puddle near the trash can where sketchy sh*t goes down. Hearing 21 over something so left was awesome.” Hearing the unfinished song led Tyler to record a voice note to the track and text it to the Neptunes O.G. Conjured during a 21 Savage studio session, the song ultimately made its way to P’s catalog. “I was doing dark beats here and there, but right now it’s full-on navy shipyard blowtorch to the face. I know that I’m a mirror. I take the form of the spaces that I’m in,” P admitted in the article. “I’m like running water. That’s where my creativity comes from… I’m only as good as the people I’m standing next to, and that’s Tyler, [The Creator] and 21 [Savage], they give me something good to reflect.”

Now, more than a year later, Heads get the final result. Released over the last weekend, “Cash In Cash Out” arrived with a CGI claymation music video that captures its spirit. It blends strip club settings with Alice In Wonderland-like sequences that go beyond the real world. It features Ferrari F-40s, Louis luggage, dirt bikes, and plenty of special effects. The François Rousselet-directed visual reportedly took more than a year to create.

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The clay figures of 21, Skateboard, and Tyler are starkly realistic. Each is in their element for a work of art that outdoes any typical visual—even with the musicians in the same room.

“Cash In Cash Out” is currently added to the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist. The tightly-curated, regularly-updated collection of songs includes another Pharrell song, as well as new music from Kendrick Lamar, Pusha-T, Denzel Curry, Vince Staples, and more.

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