Scarface & Freddie Gibbs Blackout On A DJ Muggs Beat For The Streets

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Twenty-five years after the first installment, DJ Muggs is hard at work on a Soul Assassins 3 compilation. The Cypress Hill O.G. is known for assembling larger-than-life collaborative arrangements throughout his 35-plus-year career. Gearing up for SA3, that is no exception. Following May’s “Metropolis” with Method Man and Slick Rick, the O.G. producer/DJ/executive returns with “Street Made.” It features a very rare verse from Scarface as well as Freddie Gibbs—two artists with a rich pedigree.

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After bouncing back from a near-fatal 2020, Scarface delivers the kind of verse that has made him a G.O.A.T. contender for decades. “I’m what the streets made, street raised / Representing for the homies on lock, six-feet grave / And these days it’s a must you stay solid / The rules you should follow is eat or you get swallowed, homie / Now stand up, put your motherf*cking hands up / This ain’t no jack move, ni**a, pull your pants up,” stamps the O.G. He continues, “And man up, you out here looking like a dancer / Jo Jo, shooting at children, and that’s a no-no / You up the .4-4, you better be ready for what’s behind it / These ni**as ain’t playing, they come to find him / Now that the streetlights blind him / Staring at his eyes wide shut / Thе way they did it was f*cked up / But that’s how it goes / Onе minute you ten toes and the next / You hear a pop and you bleeding and out cold.” The Houston, Texas icon spits like he did throughout the 1990s on incredible solo albums and Geto Boys LPs. Face refuses to deviate from the all-knowing verse of the concrete. He ends with emphatic wisdom: “If you a father then you raise your son / If you a mama, pray those days don’t come / Death is permanent, ain’t no coming back from that / You ain’t the only one walking around strapped, in fact / They got guns everywhere you look / A potential killer lurks in every hand you shook / Yo, we did it for dope and the dollar signs / You did it for likes all on your lies, surprise.

Freddie Gibbs, who has always credits Scarface as a top influence (including his favorite verse of all-time), slides right into the stunning beat. “I’m what the streets made, street raised / Mobbing through LA, f*cking with Bs and them Cs / Stuck in the D game / I got different flavors of dope like niggas got weed strains,” says the MC who relocated from Gary, Indiana to sunny California in the 2000s. He then says, “Ni**a, cold that sh*t, we jack these rappers while they all shoppin’ / Ni**a, let me hold that sh*t / Maybe if your jewelry wasn’t so blurry, ni**a coulda sold that shit / Ni**a came eight deep and they still couldn’t kill me, that was some h*e-ass sh*t.” Gangsta Gibbs raps about the perils of 2020s Rap stardom.

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Scarface and Gibbs previously linked for the Madlib-produced “Broken.” On this 2022 link-up, DJ Muggs arranges pounding percussion, including hard drums and sinister bells. He then builds around a vocal sample to add crescendo as the verses evolve. There is no break from Scarface into Gibbs, true to the hardcore Hip-Hop format Muggs upholds.

Muggs’ first SA3 single, “Metropolis,” featuring Method Man and Slick Rick, is also currently on the playlist. There is new music from Cypress Hill, Alchemist, and Action Bronson also mixed in.

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