Erick Sermon Confirms The Passing Of Hurricane G

UPDATE: On Monday, November 7, The New York Post reported that according to family members, Hurricane G had been battling cancer. “My mom has stage 4 lung cancer,” Gloria’s daughter Lexus previously announced via social media. “I don’t know how many of you understand what that means but even after 30 years of life I’m still trying to process it myself. I have never cried so much in my life I have never felt so disconnected from reality in my life.”

Lexus is the daughter of Hurricane G and Erick Sermon.

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ORIGINAL NOVEMBER 6 STORY: In a week already marred with losses, Hip-Hop has lost another MC. Today (November 6), Erick Sermon announced the passing of former Def Squad/Hit Squad artist Hurricane G. Born Gloria Rodríguez, the Brooklyn, New York MC had appeared on albums by Redman, Keith Murray, and Smif-n-Wessun, among others. No cause of death was provided.

Additionally, Hurricane G had a child with Sermon, who mentioned the family connection in a mournful Instagram post that also paid tribute to Rodríguez as an MC who carried the torch as a woman as well as a Hip-Hop example with Puerto Rican heritage. Hurricane G rapped in both English and Spanish throughout her 25-plus-year-career.


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Hurricane G rose to prominence in the mid-1990s. After an attention-grabbing spot on 1992 Redman hit “Tonight’s da Night,” Gloria appeared on Red’s Dare Iz A Darkside in 1994, ahead of work on Xzibit’s At The Speed Of Life, Organized Konfusion’s The Equinox, and Deliquent Habits’ eponymous LP. During this period—one where EPMD was apart, Hurricane G signed to Capitol Records. However, the Hollywood, California-based imprint restructured while the MC was on the roster, ultimately derailing much of the momentum in her career.

Despite ties to Erick Sermon and Def Squad, Gloria’s debut album, All Woman, arrived in 1997 on Jellybean Benitez’ H.O.L.A. Records imprint. The collection included video single “Somebody Else” as well as an appearance from Hit Squad alumni Das EFX and production from fellow Brooklynite Domingo.

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Active on mixtapes by Tony Touch, Mister Cee, and others, Hurricane G’s impact cannot be strictly measured in label releases. She appeared in Puff Daddy’s “Public Enemy 2000” single, and partnered with fellow Brooklyn native Thirstin Howl da 3rd on 2012’s Mami & Papi album.

The news comes the same day as Hip-Hop mourns the loss of Redman’s cousin, Artifacts co-founder Tame One.

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Ambrosia For Heads extends condolences to Erick Sermon, the Def Squad, the Hit Squad, and the family, friends, and fans of Hurricane G.