LL Cool J Has A New Album Coming That Is Executive Produced By Q-Tip

In the closing days of 2019, LL Cool J revealed that he was working with Q-Tip on an album. The Rock The Bells founder was said to be back at Def Jam Records, the same label where his career launched in the mid-1980s, and working with the famed A Tribe Called Quest co-founder. Both men are Queens, New York Hip-Hop legends who have taken their talents to other mediums, including film, television, and more. Outside of his own incredible group and solo catalog, Q-Tip has produced portions of classic albums, including Nas’ Illmatic and Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, as well as work for Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Pusha-T, Danny Brown, and more.

Over three years later, LL Cool J has let fans know that the music is still coming, but that Tip’s role may have increased. In speaking to E! News the same night as his epic Grammy performance alongside The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, former rival Ice-T, and others, LL spoke of the album. “I know all the tricks. I got this covered,” he began, referring to a decade-long break since Authentic. “Look, it was executive produced by Q-Tip. The album, I think, is really, really special. I think it’s something it’s modern without chasing. It’s a whole new thing. I can’t wait for the people to see it.”

LL Cool J Is Back On Def Jam & Q-Tip Is Producing His Music

LL is associated with great production, including names like Marley Marl, Rick Rubin, Jazzy Jay, The Trackmasters, and DJ Scratch, among others. He praised the man behind the boards for the upcoming LP. “I think honestly and sincerely that Q-Tip as a producer is unbelievable and what he did on this record for me, I think is amazing. So the world will decide.”

Like LL, Q-Tip is a Grammy winner. He contributed to Robert Glasper’s Black Radio III, one of this year’s winners in the “Best R&B Album” category. One day after the awards, LL committed to dropping in 2023. “My new album is coming this year,” he tweeted. During the last two years, LL Cool J and Q-Tip appeared court-side together at New York Knicks games.

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