Jay Electronica Exhibits Great Lyricism To A Swizz Beat

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In July of 2022, DJ Premier launched a Hip Hop 50 album series in conjunction with Mass Appeal Records. That summer EP included some of the best verses of the years, with appearances by Remy Ma, Rapsody, Nas, Joey Bada$$, Slick Rick, Lil Wayne, Killer Mike, and more. Now, as Hip-Hop approaches the actual August 11, 2023 50th anniversary milestone, another lauded and versatile producer steps forth with another EP-sized clip. Swizz Beatz handles Hip Hop 50, Vol. 2. Like Preemo’s, Swizz pulls from his network—including appearances by Nas, Wayne, Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss, and Fivio Foreign. However, Swizzy also secures a coveted Jay Electronica appearance.

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The song arrives at Eid, with Jay Electronica honoring Ramadan in the intro.  The song’s Arabic language title translates to “enough” or “stop it.” The MC (who is also a celebrated producer) then eases into a verse that is reminiscent of his late 2000s breakthrough. “I was born on the Capitol steps at the Million Man March / I was born with a timing device that’ll drill through man’s heart / I was formed in a fiery furnace, no Shadrach, no Meshach / Just me a bad negro, bloody, swole with my sheath back / I come through clutch, my f*cks done ran out / Staring at haters like ‘Vader’ at ‘Luke’ with his hand out / My eyes is fiеry, my waves like lamb’s wool / B*tches is on my linе from Belgrade to Istambul / The Star and the Crest is the flag I’m draped in / Ni**as ain’t want no smoke so I gave ’em a vape pen / I did an album with with Hov, lames let all their hate vent / So I fell back three years like, go ahead, be great then,” he begins.

Like his “Exhibits” with Just Blaze, Jay Elect’ focuses on being good in any ‘hood, while laying out his recent discography. “I popped out with Fly God, I popped out on Donda / I popped out with Russ, then Vic Mensa, then Ambré / I popped up at Spades and I popped up at Vandals / And my sister keep asking why I got blocked by Solana / It’s Jay Electronica, the legend continues / Like CIA officers and agents in the Nation / I might pop up at Apollo and tear up the venue / The most beautifullest thing in this world, I get in you / My name ring bells from Magnolia to Queensbridge / I’m loved in Philadelphia like Warith Deen,” he spits, name-checking a Muslim leader in the City of Brotherly Love and referencing Keith Murray, and Nas in the same section of bars.

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The beat, built around a vocal sample and soft Jazz notes, is perfect for Jay. In 2020, he released his Grammy-nominated debut, A Written Testimony, with a strong presence from JAY-Z. That album was named among AFH‘s best that year.

In addition to “Khalas” the AFH playlist features new music from Black Thought & El Michels, Larry June & Alchemist, Westside Gunn, and J. Cole, among others.

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#BonusBeat: Last month, Jay Electronica released “Enough” with Rory and reggie: