Conway The Machine Gives Funkmaster Flex The Year’s Best Freestyle

Earlier this month, Conway The Machine released his first solo album of 2023. WON’T HE DO IT arrived on Conway’s Drumwork Music Group label, and features Fabolous, Juicy J, Ransom, and Sauce Walka, as well as his longtime Griselda crew cohorts Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher.

To promote the new album (which has a song currently atop the Ambrosia For Heads playlist, embedded below), Conway stopped by Funkmaster Flex’s show. While last year, Flex and Conway had a public war of wordsfollowed by a musical armistice, in 2023, they are in sync. Simply put, the Buffalo, New York MC delivers 2023’s best freestyle to date.

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Pullin’ up, somethin’ frosty on the arm / N_as plottin’, but it don’t cause me no alarm / My dog with me, he’s armed / No thought of being harmed / Of course, I’m still the don / I tore cities across seas and beyond / How dare you? / To play with me, like I won’t air you / I swear you / Better play with somethin’ safe or be careful / Thought I made it clear to you, I ain’t who you compare to / N_as stay away from my release dates, they fearful / Look, give ’em discomfort like a ligament tear do / I looked in his eyes, it was visibly tearful / On mics, I turn into Iron Mike, get your ear chewed,” he begins, comparing himself to Tyson. Moments later, Con’ says he’s “in a mood to end a career or two.”

In the ensuing bars, Conway scoffs at people who send him clothes to get their brands exposure. He demands promotional fees given his stature. The independent MC also describes accumulating wealth while still saving. He describes some lavish spending to put competitors in their place too. Then, Conway moves into details surrounding sneak-disses on social media that can easily escalate to action—pointing to the crew of guys behind him.

Conway Details Nearly Losing His Life & Rap Dream (Video)

I got in this thing, and I’m steamrolling / It’s the Machine, b__h, and I’m reloaded / All the s_t I say, the G’s quote it,” he touts. He then recalls surviving a near-fatal shooting in 2012. “Got off that hospital bed and I planned to be king / A dome shot couldn’t stop me, y’all n__as can’t do a thing / Get made an example of, n__as put they hand on Machine / Have n__as at your vigil, teddybears, candles, and things / You sold your soul to be famous / Without social media, bozo, you’d be nameless.

A few bars more, and Conway wins over Funkmaster Flex, who recognizes this MC’s talent all the way in 2-0-2-3. Last year, AFH covered the Conway and Funk Flex beef, which eventually involved Pete Rock in a turn of events. That episode is below:

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In March, Conway partnered with his Drumwork artist Jae Skeese for Pain Provided Profit