Wu-Tang Clan vs. Ruff Ryders: The Greatest Rap Crew Competition

In recognition of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary, BET Digital, in partnership with Ambrosia For Headsis celebrating the culture by hosting a bracket-style competition that allows you to determine Hip-Hop’s greatest crew.

Rather than having “experts” tell you who is the greatest of all-time, this is your opportunity to collectively make that decision. After giving the opportunity to any and all fans to provide feedback on which crews should be included, 32 collectives from different regions, styles, and generations have been selected—all vying for that #1 spot. When the final battle is over and the last vote is cast, you will have determined who is your Greatest Rap Crew of All Time. The voting began with eight crews from the East Coast, which were selected with your feedback. Now, that bracket is down to two—battling for regional supremacy.



Round 3 determines East Coast regional supremacy with an ultimate showdown. Wu-Tang Clan and the Ruff Ryders bookended the 1990s by using the power in numbers, multiple label situations, and decisive Black-owned leadership to conquer the music industry. In both crews, hardcore Hip-Hop prevailed with rugged aesthetics. While the Wu used group albums to pivot to solo endeavors, the Double-R launched multiple careers before coming together in music videos, compilations, and remixes. During his rise to the top, DMX collaborated with Method Man and GZA, while these crews would further mingle on Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch’s Wu Block project. Rooted in Staten Island and Yonkers, these crews used an outsider’s mentality to capture the spirit of New York City and the global Rap scene—an excitement that endures today. Wu-Tang defeated Dreamville and Juice Crew in Rounds 1 and 2, respectively. In contrast, the Ruff Ryders defeated the Bad Boy Family and G-Unit to advance in the respective previous rounds. These squads are legendary, but only one can take the east coast title to contend against three other regions.

Go to BET.com to vote on which of these crews you believe should advance to the next round, and to learn of the other crews that are battling in this round. You can also vote on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #BETGreatestRapCrew and a hashtag with your favorite crew.