Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface & Inspectah Deck Reunite On A New Song

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2023 marks 30 years since the Wu-Tang Clan swarmed on the industry with Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. At the same time the final season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga currently airs, four key members of the Clan come together with an “Unpredictable” new single. Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Inspectah Deck join forces on the first look from Statik Selektah’s 10th album. The song debuted last night on Funkmaster Flex’s HOT 97 show, before making its way to the masses.

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The song kicks off with Inspectah, who has led so many incredible Wu songs. “I live in the kitchen baking pound cakes / Supreme Clientele, never clout chase / Global mogul, ex-lover I ain’t tryin’ to hold you / Watch me gain power like I changed in the phone booth / Low brim, Soulja Slim, cover me I’m goin’ in / F*ckin’ with him, they gon’ know the fire close as kin / Statik on the track like a old dusty 45 / Statik on my back like the old rusty .45,” rhymes the MC who has found success over the last decade alongside 7L & Esoteric in CZARFACE. The Rebel INS ends the verse with emphasis: “So savage, total my average that’s GOAT status / Addicts fiending for these lines, that’s a coke habit.” A gravelly-voiced Ghostface Killah follows, maintaining the weapon imagery. “Yo Ghost’ lethal / Like the diamonds on a handle on a Desert Eagle / I pop like a old record with a thin needle / I got verses in the safe written in Hebrew / Back the f*ck up, or catch a bald head we call ONYX / Once in a while get my d*ck sucked / Yeah, listenin’ to Delfonics / Old rituals makin’ it til’ it’s visual / How you gonna kill a Ghost, knowin’ he’s invisible / Every time I fly out I’m leavin’ my h*es miserable / I’ll be back like my money or residuals / Space table, cuttin’ everything fatal / Stronger than whiskey, lemon scent in the Quaaludes / Had a thousand wallos on the cover of my debut / Daytona Five double-O in them Babe Ruths / ’95, the first ni**a with a Jesús,” he spits, flashing back to his Ironman era and single.

Raekwon follows his longtime right-hand-man seamlessly, spitting, “Champagne wars with sneaky wh*res we smell ’em / Rip Rap, any adversary I twist that / All I need a Guinness, a drum thick, and a kickback / You know them ni**as, yup, Wu ni**as, when it come to partnership.” Even as he shifts the rhyme pattern, Chef’s imagery and cockiness drive the moment. Method Man plays clean-up to close out the momentous single: “Net worth in the nine figures / Like I’m lyin’ if ya know ya know when that line hit ya / Draw the line Mr. Get Out Of Line, you line skipper / You get lined quicker, I’m fittin’ all you line sniffers / Shot callin’ but y’all triggered, that’s y’all business / In Park Hill and the Slum Village we all dealers / And yall feel us, the feelin’ feel like we all members / Like we all winners, unless I’m hungry than y’all dinner / Yum, finger-lickin’ sound of the drum / When I’m money hungry, lick my finger countin’ my funds / Take a finger from me, well then I’m’a count on my thumb / Our count on my accountant when I’m accounting my ones.” Thirteen years ago, Rae’, Ghost’, and Meth’ linked for Wu Massacre, which featured The Rebel INS.

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Statik Selektah has produced for all four of these MCs over his decorated career. Details of the 1982 member’s 10th album are forthcoming, but the DJ/producer confirmed it will release through his ShowOff imprint and Mass Appeal.

In addition to “Unpredictable,” the AFH playlist also features Statik’s recent work from Trillstatik 2 with Bun B and a Logic collaboration. Raekwon and Ghostface’s recent Westside Gunn collabo also appears. The playlist contains fresh music by Larry June & Alchemist, J. Cole, Logic, Redman, Statik Selektah, Lil Wayne, Mondo Slade, IDK, MC Bravado, Wordsworth, J. Rawls, Your Old Droog, and LaRussell & Hokage Simon, among others.

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