Redman Keeps It All The Way Real On A New Song With Logic

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Yesterday (February 24), Logic released his eighth solo album, College Park. The LP, Logic’s second in less than a year, marks his first release outside of Def Jam Records—after being a twice chart-topping star on the label for almost a decade. On one of College Park‘s highlights, Logic partners with another former Def Jam legend, Redman. “Self Medication” finds both MCs flexing their lyrical chops, but Red’ makes a serious admission along with the flexes.

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Ayy, y’all old news, I’m the fresh prince / Beast mode on the mic’ is how I X men / It’s cocaine when I write from the king pen / And this syrup, your bro gon’ lean in / To listen to me, I make ’em uncomfortable / My family was the opposite of the Huxtables / I learned how to f*ck from a babysitter / It’s sick, but I admire the man in the mirror.” Those lyrics refer to an inappropriate relationship at home. Redman also referenced sex with his babysitter on “Just Don’t A F*ck Freestyle.” Back in 2013, he spit to Eminem’s beat, “My name is Reggie Noble, I’m a sexaholic / I f*cked my babysitter on my mama toilet.

In 2023, Funk Doc continues, “This rap, 1-0-1, learn from it / I act up, 12 steps, I vinyl chub it / And you can’t stop the big fish if you gut it / But try’na stop me, you and your boys better cut it / Ay, I’m on fire, ni**a, F-U / You better protect your neck, with the vest too / And when Logic and Redman on the show / It’s problems, bro, you ain’t know, now you know.” The confidence and swagger are there with the revelation, in true Reggie Noble style.

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The song also features Statik Selektah (in a DJ capacity) and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. Like Redman, Logic produces a bunch of his own music—including this song, alongside 6ix and PSTMN. In his vocal part of “Self Medication,” Logic raps about the joys of sampling and acquiring samplers too. RZA, Bun B, Joey Bada$$, and Lil Keke also guest on the Three Oh One Productions LP.

Statik and Bun B released Trillstatik 2 in late 2022. That album was made live in a public New York City studio. Redman is currently working on Muddy Waters Too, a sequel to his 1996 LP.

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There are multiple highlights from Logic’s new College Park album. The AFH playlist also currently features fresh music by Lil Wayne, JID, Lute, IDK, Larry June & Alchemist, MC Bravado, Wordsworth, J. Rawls, Your Old Droog, and LaRussell & Hokage Simon, among others.

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