Killer Mike Refuses To Let Andre 3000 Out-Rap Him On Their New Song

This week (June 16), Killer Mike is preparing his first solo album in over a decade. Down to its title, Michael promises to be a highly-personal LP from the Run The Jewels cofounder who previously made R.A.P. Music, I Pledge Allegiance II The Grind, and his major label debut Monster. Within Michael, the Adamsville Atlanta MC finds a full circle moment in “Scientists & Engineers.” The song is a collaboration with one of Mike’s mentors, Andre 3000 as well as another artist from the late iteration of the Dungeon Family, Future. As Mike has cultivated an incredible career since his days of running with OutKast, the decorated veteran may steal the show amid two high-profile peers.

Moreover, the song’s production is credited to two legends: Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul and No I.D., as well as 3 Stacks, James Blake, and Twy Exclusive.

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Communication comin’ in / Too much that I can’t communicate with all of them / I do wish I had scientist or engineer friends / Let’s go, get out of here, petrol is cheaper than it’s ever been / And then, who’s to say when all would end? / All I know is when the portrait paintеd, better have your portion of thе rent / A dollar more and you will get upgraded when you’ve think you’ve made it, you are then- / Just tolerated, overrated, hope I’m 80 when I get my second wind,” says Andre, before painting a vivid memory. “Small potatoes all I ate before potato chips would cut my corner lips / Operator, operator, I will pray that you connect me to a sip / Of sangria, Zambia, camera cameo, hand me a handful of hips / A stamina stampede of happily happenings, dabblin’ into oblivi’ / V on, neon, be on the ambiance beyond as you promised that you would live / Do summers ever forget? Pajamas, feel like a kid / Cucumber will make her drip, do jump on her, hit a split / Hookahs don’t really do s__t, Duke Ellington in this b___h / Rebelling is like an itch, oh / I’ma, I’ma live forever.” The verse marks Andre’s first since a 2021 appearance on a deluxe edition of Kanye West’s Donda—considered among the best of that year and one of the most personal in the MC/producer/musician’s career.

Future and Eryn Allen Kane divide and conquer at the chorus, and in the second verse. In the third spot, Mike shows his fervor, and claims his mission. “Music, computers and robbers and looters / And looters with shooters, and shooters with Rugers / And shooters with Rugers, CDs with my tooters / And my tutors taught me a terrible miracle / You can lie, cheat and still kill in America / Be celebrated like Captain America / F__k it, I’m with it, let’s get it / This n___a and n____ess and Bentley valetin’ in Lenox / Man, I’m a villain with killin’ So I’m never chillin’, I gotta make millions,” spits the MC.

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Mike continues, going all-in with a passionate autobiographical display. “I used to be dope with the dealin’, but that got a ceilin’ / And we know the usual endin’ / N____s get rich and go b___h, and go fail and go snitch / And then f__k up they family and friends / Me, I go to Germany, earn me a couple of millions, return with a couple of Benzes / Or go to Brazil and just kick it and chill ’til I’m over the hill and still f___in’ on women / The world got no mercy, so I had to show ’em / Like Percy with me, it just can’t be no limit / A hundred percentage authentic, see I got no gimmicks, so I ain’t protectin’ no image / My style original, pivotal, it’s goin’ digital, n___as you like is a mimic / I’m a menace that’s movin’ on vengeance / I promise my opp that my anger is endless / It ain’t enough that I took out my opp and his block / We burned down his whole f___in’ village / Did it with smile, not a grimace, it was my pleasure to see that this f__k-n___a finished / You get offended, then f__k it, my n___a.” Moments later, he chides,  “They should be bookin’ me, know that they won’t / I am Theolonius Monk in a donk / Kickin’ that Jazz, collectin’ my bag / I’m talkin’ milli’, ain’t talkin’ Vanilli / Had to get that hatin’ n___a from near me / I do not move like a regular Joe / I am not moved by no regular h_e / I do not wish for no regular life / I did not marry a regular wife / You think that I’m losin’? You smokin’ a pipe.

The student goes bar for bar with the teacher for a song that’s elevated and shows that the artists from the Dungeon are still family.

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Other guests on Michael are reported to include Jagged Edge, Ty Dolla $ign, Curren$y, 2 Chainz, Mozzy, Blxst. Cool & Dre, El-P, Don Cannon are among the producers.

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