Flavor Flav Shows Off His Piano & Drum Skills

In his role in Public Enemy, Flavor Flav is often considered one of Hip-Hop’s greatest hype-men. On several songs throughout the P.E. catalog, the Bronx-born, Long Island, New York-bred artist flexed his MC chops. He also was an accomplished DJ and radio personality 30 years ago. However, some may not realize that Flavor Flav is also a musician.

In a video alongside Father MC, Flavor keeps time behind the drum set as well as an electric keyboard. The vignette of clips begins with Flav behind a drum kit. He moves to the mic. After Flav does a small rendition of the former Uptown/MCA Records artist’s hit “I’ll Do 4 U,” he gets busy on the keys. Wearing two watches (as well as his clock medallion), Flavor Flav uses both hands to create a rich sound at the 2:15 mark. Father MC performs a song he calls “Take Me Away” as his friend drives the melody—based around Earth Wind & Fire’s “Devotion.”

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Notably, Flavor Flav showcased his piano chops over 30 years ago on P.E.’s Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black, with his solo cut, “I Don’t Wanna Be Called Yo N__a.” Rock The Bells reports that Flav can play over 15 instruments. During Public Enemy’s 2013 Made In America Festival set, he played guitar.

At the top of 2023, Flavor Flav self-released a new single, “Hands Up In The Air.” The song blends EDM production with Flav doing crowd work. Father MC released a sped-up re-release of “I’ll Do It 4 U” at Cleopatra Records in February.

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