Inspectah Deck Returns With Another Victory

Buffalo, New York MC Elcamino has been making noise for well over five years. In 2017, when the then-Shady Records-backed Griselda trio of Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine toured the country, Elcamino was supposed to join them. However, as he later told Bandcamp‘s Jordan Commandeur, house arrest including an ankle bracelet from probation kept the MC at home. Nevertheless, Elcamino persisted, with appearances on Benny’s A Friend Of Ours, Alchemist’s Yacht Rock 2, and Gunn’s Who Made The Sunshine. Along with ear-grabbing features, the artist partnered with 38 Spesh’s T.C.F. label to release Elcamino 2 and his self-released Don’t Eat The Fruit in 2019. Amid a prolific solo release schedule, El appeared on Black Soprano Family’s Long Live DJ Shay last year, and signed with Benny’s label shortly after.

As Elcamino levels up during a Buffalo (and Western New York) awakening in Hip-Hop, he delivers “Victory,” a song featuring Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck that is currently featured on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist (song #3 at present and embedded below). These are two artists each know something about being valuable contributors to major Hip-Hop movements.

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Over a soulful track (courtesy of Ill Tone Beats), El raps first. “I probably won’t get all the flowers I deserve / It doesn’t surprise at all when people go back on they word / I ain’t really know this much until I sat back and observed / Cuttin’ off my loose ends is when I really struck a nerve,” raps the veteran. The Rebel INS enters next. Famed for his features with Gang Starr, Big Pun, and Pete Rock, the CZARFACE MC raps, “See me floatin’, knowin’ the road rough just to get here / And I ain’t give it up, switch it up, or dress weird / You can feel my fire inside, if you step near / What can a closed mouth say, fallin’ on deaf ears? / They told me ‘trust the process’ / Never the lust or ob-sess, put your feet down, stand up, and f__k the nonsense / Most of my n___as facin’ incarceration / So I’ma say less, Feds tapin’ this conversation.

“Victory” is the first single from Elcamino’s They Spit On Jesus album, arriving on BSF on October 6.

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Last year, CZARFACE delivered Czarmageddon!. Last month, Elcamino released No Weapon Formed Against Me.

In addition to Elcamino and Inspectah Deck’s “Victory,” the AFH playlist also features new music from Che Noir & Big Ghost Ltd, Conway The Machine, Ghostface Killah, Westside Gunn, Alchemist, and Meyhem Lauren.