Little Brother Have Released Their 1st New Music In 4 Years

Life is too short to listen to bad music. So…let Ambrosia For Heads sift through it for you and only supply you with that great stuff. Despite the reports, Hip-Hop is alive and well and, in many ways, it’s better than it’s ever been. Not only can we go back and listen to all of our favorites at the click of a button, but there is also a ton of great music still being made by artists, young and veteran alike…if you know where to look. To help with that task, we’ve created a playlist with recently released music. We update it regularly, so subscribe to follow us on Spotify if you like what you hear.

In 2019, Little Brother surprised fans with an album, May The Lord Watch, after nearly a decade away. That LP, featuring production from Nottz, Khrysis, Focus…, and Black Milk, among others. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh’s fifth album together was named among AFH‘s best that year. More than four years has passed, and apart from a posthumously-released Phife Dawg collaboration, the duo has not delivered music.

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That changed today (September 19) with a two-pack from the veteran MCs. “Wish Me Well” begins with Phonte’s slick wordplay. “This is that dispelled rumor that we not active / My man said, ‘Tay, come and get your plaque’ / And when I came and got it, saw our names was misspelled / Pulled out the parking lot and almost fish-tailed / Pulled out receipts to show my heart don’t tell tales.” Moments later, he acknowledges that LB has long been a Hip-Hop favorite, even if people may not champion the group as much as their skills deserve. One of the 2000s-era leaders of the underground then looks back 20 years to The Listening. “Made my first record on an okay computer ’cause I saw where the radio was headed / Still said ‘f__k ’em’ like a n___a had a fetish.” Mid-verse, Pooh takes over to lament bad business and kick wisdom: “What you need in life? Is it money or respect? When you got power then you know you getting both / The road less traveled, then you know you getting close.” Phonte reclaims the mic to wave off predatory contracts and lame advances.

The soulful “Glory Glory” is produced by longtime Griselda affiliate and Grammy Award-winner Conductor Williams. Pooh kicks things off, asserting himself as an elite MC. “Glory, glory / Standing on the shoulders of giants, Robert Horry / A bitter his-tory / Bitter n___as bore me / All praises due / I was rockin’ to Kane, my brother rocked ‘caine too / Now they dope-sick, I author like Beth Macy / Penmanship that drives critics and crowds crazy / Limitless, 20 years, there’s no safety, and we still lettin’ rounds off,” he spits, evident in LB’s latest return. He admits that he has constantly pursued a better version of himself, and criticizes lazy MCs. Phonte follows in kind. “When my belt got tighter, I never buckled / We serve up stew and fans open their mouth wide / But I live in my head, and I don’t really do outside / So don’t make me over / 44 years and no greys, I’m amazed, can’t believe I made the quota / Pushin’ through baby strollers / Puttin’ down words on the page with the gaze of a crazed Ray Liotta.” Phontigallo slams the compound rhyme with a slick flow. He then quips, “Just ’cause you don’t have a drink don’t make you sober / And just ’cause you don’t write it down, don’t make you Hova.”

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On October 7, LB is hosting their first “Made In Durham: A Little Brother Block Party,” featuring performances by Little Brother, Big K.R.I.T., The Cool Kids, Zo! & Tall Black Guy, DJ Wally Sparks, Hourglass, and hosting from comedian Sam Jay. Tickets are available to the event in downtown Durham, North Carolina.

In addition to the two new Little Brother songs, the AFH playlist also features Phonte’s recent collaboration with Black Milk and Raphael Saadiq, as well as new music from Kooley High members Charlie Smarts and DJ Ill Digitz. Last year, Pooh released To Dream In Color and spoke about it with AFH.

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