Fight or Flight: What Would You Do If You Were Faced With The Real Terminator? (Video)

Terminator Genisys hits theaters next week (July 1). In the lead up to the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently put his talents to use to benefit After-School All-Stars, an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life. He donned... Read more

He’s Back…Terminator Genisys is Coming Next Summer. Here’s the Trailer (Video)

Certain films have penetrated Hip-Hop on such a level that they have become part of the fabric. This is true of movies ranging from Good Fellas to Superfly to Five Deadly Venoms. Another such iconic film is The Terminator. From as far back as EPMD's "You Gots to Chill" to... Read more

Did You Know OJ Simpson was Originally Cast as The Terminator? Here’s an Oral History of the Film 30 Years Later.

The Terminator turns 30 years old this year (on October 26 to be exact). The movie launched the career of director James Cameron, who would go on to direct 2 of the highest grossing films of all-time (Titanic and Avatar) and set Arnold Schwarzenegger up to be one of film's... Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets His Stanky Legg On…Terminate That (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello stopped by 106 & Park to promote their movie Sabotage and their Hip-Hop dance skills were put to the test. Arnold put on his Terminator face and gamely did the Nae Nae and the Stanky Legg. Though he was a bit stiff, he's still a... Read more