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Joey Bada$$ Brings Back Rap City’s Booth With Beast Coast & Big Tigger (Video)

At just 24 years old, Joey Bada$$ has been a purveyor of 1990s and 2000s Rap styles throughout the last decade—even if he was not around to firsthand witness all of it. The Pro Era front-man often represents a Brooklyn not unlike crews such as the Boot Camp Clik and... Read more

Joey Bada$$ Is Just Trying To Get Paid (Audio)

Coupled with the beginning of his B4.Da.$$ Tour with Vince Staples and Pro Era affiliates CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, and Nyck Caution, Joey Bada$$ drops some fresh new music for the fans with his latest single, "Get Paid." The cut itself is a loosie that won't appear on his upcoming... Read more

Nitty Scott, Chris Webby, Smoke DZA & CJ Fly Cypher With Conviction (Video)

One day after the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards' Digital All-Stars Cypher (Emilio Rojas, Andy Mineo, Dreezy, Dillon Cooper, Retro Jace, Conceited) premiered, RAW rolling papers' shows another healthy, talented crop of MCs. Nitty Scott, MC, Pro Era's CJ Fly, Chris Webby, and veteran Smoke DZA represent the NY tri-state lovely,... Read more

Pro Era Gets Industrial In Their Incredibly Polished Hail Razor Visual (Video)

CJ Fly, Dessy Hinds, and A La $ole show some Pro Era depth in the complex visual to "Hail Razor." The video features additional bandmates, as they go to an abandoned mill/assembly line to show just how rooted in the grit they are. This from the Scion A/V-backed The Shift... Read more

CJ Fly & Joey Bada$$’s New Visual Features Some Elaborate Settings (Video)

Pro Era's visuals have always been part of their attractive package to the fans. For "Sup Preme," CJ Fly and Joey Bada$$ seemingly leave their streets of Brooklyn for a bricked private school, find an old Cadillac sedan to load into, and some playing to the camera. Joey takes a... Read more

Joey Bada$$ & Statik Selektah Play An Hour-Long Mix Of Pro Era’s Finest Moments (Audio)

Statik Selektah has been one of the early adopters to the Pro Era sound. The ShowOff CEO and longtime radio (terrestrial and satellite) staple dropped quite a few needles on Joey Bada$$ and his cohorts before labels, big studios, or major features were ever involved. As Joey lends his mic... Read more

Buckshot & P-Money Have “Just Begun” With Raz Fresco (Audio)

Buckshot and P-Money, who recently released a video with Pro Era's CJ Fly and Joey Bada$$ for their upcoming project, BackPack Travels, continues the trend of working with up and coming Hip-Hop youth with 19 year old Toronto producer and MC Raz Fresco on the cut, "Just Begun." Smooth vocal... Read more

Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era Call For The Shift (EP Stream)

Through Scion A/V, Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era clique surprised Heads with a five-song EP, The Shift. Released today (May 27), this release includes Joey, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly and the rest of the gang. As the group shies away from formal releases, how do you think this holds... Read more

Boot Camp Clik Meets Pro Era, As Buckshot Crosses Paths With Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly (Video)

Whether it be with Black Moon, Boot Camp Clik, or just on his own two as the B.D.I. Thug, Buckshot Shorty has been dropping music for over two decades and has worked with a slew of notable artists including 9th Wonder and KRS-One. To add to his extensive catalog, the... Read more

CJ Fly Depicts a Deadly Love Triangle in the Short Film for Eyetalian Frenchip (Video)

Pro Era's CJ Fly has released a short film for his song Eyetalian Frenchip which details a deadly love triangle. The visuals closely track CJ's crisp storytelling. Check out the video. Related: CJ Fly – Thee Way I See It (Mixtape)... Read more

Pro Era’s CJ Fly Brings More of That 90’s Goodness in Still the Motto (Video)

If you close your eyes and just listen to CJ Fly, you hear a sound that is reminiscent of 90's Brooklyn. He could easily pass for a Bootcamp Clique affiliate. CJ, however, is one of the many talented members of Pro Era, along with Joey Bada$$, who is making his... Read more

CJ Fly – Thee Way I See It (Mixtape)

CJ Fly releases his latest mixtape. In addition to verses from his Pro Era crew like Joey Bada$$, he gets guest vocals from OG's like Phife Dawg and Buckshot as well as contemporaries from other crews like Ab-Soul. The mixtape also features production from Statik Selektah, BrandUn DeShay, Cookin' Soul... Read more

CJ Fly – Sadderdaze ft Ab-Soul

Pro Era and Black Hippy pop off a coast-to-coast collaboration over a sample quite familiar to Reasonable Doubt lovers, CJ and Soulo offer a link from Thee Way Eye See It, which is slated to be on hard-drives by this weekend. Both of these crews are able to make simple... Read more

CJ Fly – tug-at-war

If you need some underground hip-hop in your life after the Jay-Z takeover weekend, Pro Era member CJ Fly has you covered. Check out his dope new song tug-at-war. Related: CJ Fly – The Error (Audio)... Read more

Pro Era – Like Water (Video)

Pro Era handle the absence of Capital STEEZ with grace and respect in the new video for Like Water, which features Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly and STEEZ. RIP Captial STEEZ. Related: Pro Era – Overseas (Video)... Read more

CJ Fly – The Error

Joey Bada$$ was the first to break, but the Pro Era crew is filled with talented MCs. CJ Fly is the latest to step out and shine. True to his other Pro Era brethren, you can hear the deep 90's influence in his music. Check out The Error. Related: Pro... Read more

Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era ‘The Backroom’ Freestyle

Joey Bada$$, Nyck Caution, Dessy Hinds, A La $ole, Kirk Knight, Dyemond Lewis, and CJ Fly all stepped up to the mic and displayed why their team is definitely one to be reckoned with. Check out the footage from BET's 'The Backroom" and let us know who you think had the best... Read more

DECODED: Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly “Hardknock”

Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly break down some of their verses from Hardknock in the latest edition of DECODED. It definitely gives a good taste of how ill their wordplay is--even they had missed some of the other's double entendres. Check out the video. Related: Joey Bada$$ - 1999 (Mixtape)... Read more