Redman Is The Realest. He Explains Why He Still Lives In His Famous Crib (Video)

Over the last 25 years, Redman has amassed a Rap and film career that towers over most others. However, one of the keys to success for the Def Squad product has been staying modest and being humble. Even starring in major films, headlining global tours, and hitting the charts many... Read more

Redman Tells Why He Kept His MTV Cribs Episode 100% Real (Video)

In 2001, Redman starred in the most popular segment in the history of MTV's longstanding series, Cribs. In a time when it was commonplace for guests to showcase their lifestyles of the rich and famous--palatial mansions, fancy cars, swimming pools--Redman did something completely different. He kept it real. Years after... Read more

Redman Invites MTV Back to His Crib and He’s “Beyonce’d” the Bathroom. Greatest Cribs Segment Ever? (Video)

As part of MTV's "RetroMania" week, they've returned to Redman's crib 13 years after the last visit. True to his nature on records, the Hit Squad/Def Squad MC was a simple dude: turntables, fish-sticks, a dollar box/cookie jar sort of bank. Even in the era of RIAA album plaques and... Read more

Schoolboy Q’s Version of MTV Cribs ft Black Hippy (Video)

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