AFH Ambrosia for Heads


Edo G., M-Dot & Singapore Kane Bring Back The Rap Salute To DJs (Audio)

From Gang Starr to EPMD, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince to Run-D.M.C., Lords Of The Underground to LL Cool J, the DJ salutation was once a Hip-Hop institution. In 2015, DJs attached to Rap groups are a bygone trend, and with that, these songs are harder to find.... Read more

Mobb Deep & Big Noyd Come Back Together On A Rich Soundscape (Audio)

Outside of their new Infamous Mobb Deep album, M-O-B-B has been sitting on a cut for the Heads. Produced by, and released through DJ Jean Maron (who is just on a roll lately), "Itinerary" unites Prodigy and Havoc with their original protege, Big Noyd. With a smooth, oft-messed with sample... Read more

M.O.P. Still Makes That Bang-Your-Head-Against-A-Wall Music (Audio)

After over 20 years, the Mash Out Posse is still rugged, and never smooth. Billy Danze and Lil Fame linked DJ Jean Maron, who's making some dope cuts with the likes of KRS-One as of late, for "You Can't Hide." Using a sample Heads may know from the '70s (and... Read more

KRS-One Kicks Some Hard Rhymes Overtop A Guitar Loop. It’s True School (Audio)

DJ Jean Maron has worked with an assortment of New York Hip-Hop legends. Maron's 2010 Run-MPC LP with M-Dot included M.O.P., Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, and Craig G. Almost four years later, Maron links with KRS-One. On "True School," Blastmasta has that Teacha's fervor as he expounds on why... Read more