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Yelawolf Speaks With Brutal Honesty About His Alcoholism and Why He Will Not Stop Drinking (Video)

Yelawolf was recently a guest on ESPN's Highly Questionable. The show has yielded several noteworthy Hip-Hop-related moments over the last year, including John Starks' revelation that Biggie's "I Got a Story to Tell" was a true story, and ScHoolboy Q discussing his scariest moment as a gang banger. Yelawolf's appearance... Read more

Yelawolf Is Still Poppin’ The Trunk, But To Get His Guitar (Video)

In the last five years, Yelawolf's style has changed, but not entirely. The Shady Records artist is well-aware of his diverse fan-base. There are those expecting him to rap, incredibly fast at that, with Southern Gothic imagery that only a Gadsden, Alabama native can deliver. Then there are now those... Read more

Yelawolf & Eminem Go Behind The Love Story (Video)

Last week Yelawolf released his single featuring Eminem, "Best Friend," and today (April 21) he has officially released his second studio album on Shady Records, Love Story. While on set filming a music video for "Best Friend," Yelawolf & Eminem made a quick video to remind fans to buy the... Read more

Yelawolf & Eminem Bring Great Vengeance & Furious Anger To Verse (Lyric Video)

The biggest song of this week—at least evident by the AFH readership—has been Yelawolf & Eminem's "Best Friend." At the intersection of high concept and skillful rapping, the Love Story (April 21) single plays like a prayer—but not of the traditional form. Instead, both of these childhood outcasts ask the... Read more

Yelawolf Spits Whiskey Literally & Figuratively (Lyric Video)

Spitting whiskey over a bonfire causes big flames if you do it right. Yelawolf is out for his own burn in Love Story single, "Whiskey In A Bottle." The Alabama MC releases a video kicking these lyrics with emphasized sincerity for the camera lens, with some potent elixir in his... Read more

Yelawolf Continues His Blues Rock Romp with Whiskey in a Bottle (Audio)

Yelawolf's sound continues to evolve. "Whiskey In A Bottle," his official new single, employs the hard percussion Heads heard in Yela's work with Travis Barker and the bluesy rock for which the MC has had a taste as of late, but the Gadsden, Alabama MC maintains his prickly flow, chip... Read more

Yelawolf Performs an Acoustic Version of Til It’s Gone with Travis Barker (Video)

Yelawolf went on a blues rock tear last year with a series of freestyle releases over songs by Pink Floyd, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. The sound spilled over into his song Til It's Gone from his forthcoming Love Story album. He recently performed an acoustic version of the song... Read more

Yelawolf Provides A Chilly Narrative For Til It’s Gone (Video)

With the lyric video already abuzz, Yelawolf releases the official video for Love Story single, "Til It's Gone." With Catfish Billy on an air-boat, surrounded by snakes, alligators, and a most Darwinist view of nature, the visual tells the story of a man out to feed his child, while owing... Read more

Yelawolf Gives It His All Til It’s Gone (Lyric Video)

Yelawolf is making career statement with his Love Story single, "Til It's Gone." A strong change in production, a breakthrough in Yela's singing, and a different energy to his music, the effort may be the Gadsden, Alabama MC's biggest crack at the mainstream. However, longtime fans ought to see that... Read more

Yelawolf Flexes A Very New Sound On His Love Story First Single (Audio)

Yelawolf's hard at work on his third studio solo album, Love Story. In addition to a new look and the motorcycles in lieu of Caprices, the recording for this album has paralleled some personal growth, including an engagement, a return to his Classic Rock roots, and a healthy avoidance of... Read more