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A$AP Mob Are In A New York State Of Mind & Look To Nas For Inspiration (Audio)

One of the critiques that A$AP Mob faced when they began to emerge in 2011 was that their music did not sound like "New York Hip-Hop." Rocky, in particular, unabashedly drew on Houston's chopped and screwed sound on his early single, "Goldie," and much of Ferg's music kept in step... Read more

A$AP Mob Say They Are The New Black Panthers & “Lords Never Worry” (Audio)

Since Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show, The Black Panthers have once again become a household name. The superstar singer made reference to the organization, with her dancers sporting their trademark afros and adorned in their signature black berets, in a year that brings the 50th anniversaries of both the Big... Read more

A$AP Twelvyy Shows A$AP Mob’s Roster is Deep and Diverse (Audio)

A$AP Rocky and Ferg have had the highest profiles out of A$AP Mob to date, but the rest of the crew are on the rise, as well. A$AP Nast came strong alongside Method Man on the monstrous "Trillmatic" and now A$AP Twelvyy lights it up with "Glock Rivers." Like Nast,... Read more