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Chuck Chillout Spins De La Soul, Gang Starr, MC Lyte & EPMD in a 1988 Mix (Audio)

The late Mr. Magic is widely considered one of Hip-Hop's greatest radio mix-masters. DJ Marley Marl's mentor dropped the needle on seminal records in the late 1970s, throughout the 1980s, and the early 1990s, helping give many Heads would-be classic songs that he personally deemed important. The same week boogieknight... Read more

25 Years Ago, Pete Rock Was DJ’ing On Airwaves. Listen In (Mix)

On May 20, 1989, Pete Rock was just 18 years old. The Mount Vernon, New Yorker was Marley Marl's right-hand-man on WBLS' "In Control" show. Two years before he would be making hits alongside CL Smooth for Elektra Records, Pete Rock was a heralded sound-selector, moving New York City and... Read more

Was 1980s New York The Greatest Age Of Hip-Hop On Radio? (Video)

In the upcoming (April 22) Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio (1980 – 1988), Red Bull Music Academy takes us way, way back to the early days to witness a crazy time in New York City when things were really happening and a new culture was... Read more

Here’s the Inside Story of the Making of LL Cool J’s Classic Rock the Bells (Video)

In Ambrosia For Heads' ongoing GOAT ballot series to determine Hip-Hop's Greatest Of All Time MC, LL Cool J is facing off with Run (of Run-DMC) in Round 2. In this search to let fans decide the real winner, it is actually 30 years removed from a rivalry between the... Read more

DJ Mister Cee Mix Will Rocks a Free-Form Mix for True Music Lovers (Audio)

No longer at his afternoon post at HOT 97, DJ Mister Cee is in transition. The iconic DJ for Big Daddy Kane, mentor to The Notorious B.I.G., and mainstay at tri-state radio reportedly left the signal to maintain his beliefs of what should be played, when, and not conforming to... Read more

Travel Back To 1983, The Exact Moment Hip-Hop Was Played On Daytime NYC Radio (Audio)

Thirty-two years ago, Hip-Hop was emerging on a host of record labels large and small. However, while these 12" singles and pioneering albums may have been party highlights, and closely examined in the clubs, the bedrooms, and the subsequent tapes made, they were not often heard on radio—especially at daytime.... Read more

MC Ren Calls Out Lazy Radio DJs & Wack Playlists In A New Song (Audio)

Since the N.W.A. days, MC Ren has never run from the issues. The iconic Compton, California lyricist has asserted equality for race, religion, and understanding for nearly 30 years. Taking a look at the present day commercial radio format, Ren decries "Burn Radio Burn" on a fresh and charged E-A-Ski... Read more

Hear The Rap Attack: Mr. Magic & Marley Marl That Inspired Biggie Smalls (Audio)

Quietly, as Marley Marl became one of Hip-Hop's most pivotal producers and Juice Crew creator, he was doubling as a master of transmitting sounds over tri-state radio. Marl and Mr. Magic were at the control switches at WBLS in New York City. Their "Rap Attack" Show (launched by Mr. Magic... Read more

Time Travel Back To 1987 With This Rare Taped DJ Red Alert Radio Show (Mix)

The site Medium is cookin' up some great content. Less than a week after their breakdown at 2Pac's breaking records (literally) at the short-lived Suge Knight-owned Club 662, Medium liberates some ephemeral greatness from 10 years prior. One of the true juggernauts of Hip-Hop radio, DJ Stretch Armstrong (of Stretch... Read more

DJ Skee Quits Radio, Says The Platform Has Fallen Off

For more than 10 years, DJ Skee has been an integral touchstone to Hip-Hop culture. A native of Minnesota, Skee and his SkeeTV platform have been deeply responsible for the careers of Game, Freddie Gibbs, and Skeme, among others. Once a top mixtape DJ, Skee has expanded into production, his... Read more

Astro Freestyles on ShowOff Radio

Wow. The kid Astro has BARS. Check out the video of his freestyle on ShowOff Radio. MCs beware...he's coming for the crown. Related: Astro freestyles in The Backroom (Video)... Read more

Schoolboy Q- Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (Video)

TDE's Top Dawg Kendrick Lamar recently stated that getting Schoolboy Q's album out is at the top of the priority list. Check out some footage of Schoolboy kicking a few bars during his recent visit to Flex's show. Related: Schoolboy Q- Yay Yay... Read more

Freddie Gibbs interview and verse on Soul Assassins Radio (Video)

Freddie Gibbs sat down and kicked it on Soul Assassins Radio about how he and Madlib ended up working together. He also dropped a verse over the Superman Lover beat. Check out the video below. Related: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shame featuring BJ The Chicago Kid... Read more