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Skillz Has Released His 20th & Final Rap Up

In recent years, Skillz continues to diversify. The Virginia mainstay has expanded from elite lyricist (and longtime ghostwriter) to DJ. He maintains a role in academia, working with the University Of Richmond faculty. During the 25 years since From Where???, the MC created Hip-Hop Confessions, building a platform for peers... Read more

Skillz’s Rap Up Masterfully Covers The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of 2015 (Audio)

Like clockwork, Skillz serves up his annual summary of the year that was, with a masterful rap. There is nothing like his blow by blow rhyme to remind us all of the good, bad and often bizarre happenings of 2015. In his latest installment, Skillz covers seemingly everything that dominated... Read more

What Was Your Most Memorable Sports Moment in 2013? Skillz Recaps the Year in Sports…in Verse (Video)

Skillz has a tradition of recapping the year in rhyme. This year, he does a sports edition and it's all there...the Super Bowl blackout, the Heat championship, Lance Armstrong, the Red Sox, Kobe, Tiger and much more--all set to images that will take you right back to the moment. Check... Read more

Skillz – 2012 Rap-Up

Here's Skillz's 2012 Annual Rap-Up where he recaps the year in pop culture, in a rhyme. 2012 has been an eventful year. Check it out below. Related: AFH Best Hip-Hop Videos of 2012 and AFH Best Mixtapes of 2012... Read more