Members Of Das EFX & Organized Konfusion Led A Sick Cypher. This Is The Remix (Audio)

Two of the most heralded New York City Hip-Hop acts introduced at the top of the 1990s were Das EFX and Organized Konfusion. Das, a duo of Skoob and Dray, made platinum noise when they launched with 1992's Dead Serious. Produced by EPMD, and fixtures of the Hit Squad, these... Read more

Black Lives (& Bodies) Are Being Championed Through Song & Imagery From Supastition (Video)

In what may be the most recent example of the relationship between art and life, North Carolina MC Supastition has released an unflinchingly direct examination of race in America in the form of "Black Bodies," the latest single from June's The Gold Standard. The accompanying video's release comes just hours... Read more