Production Pioneer Marley Marl Still Has The Juice. He Remixes At Least One Song A Day (Video)

In Marley Marl's 30-plus-year career, he has made the remix an exciting part of Hip-Hop. From Big Daddy Kane's "Raw (Remix)" to LL Cool J's "Jingling Baby (Remix)" to 3rd Bass' "Product Of The Environment," the Juice Crew figurehead made the kind of records that eclipse the originals. Many of... Read more

J-Live Freestyles Heat While Scratching A Loop On The Turntables (Audio)

Throughout his 20-year career, J-Live has been a triple threat. The MC, DJ, and producer named his label (for a while in the 2000s, at least) after his vast gifts. In the live show, and at select times on albums, the Brooklyn, New Yorker stood behind the turntables and kicked... Read more

DJ Premier goes to work on the turntables (Video)

There's a reason why DJ Khaled had DJ Premier do the scratches on the Nas and Scarface collabo Hip-Hop. Primo's scratches just scream HIP-HOP. Here's a video showing Premier doing what he does best: straight killing the turntables. Warning: this might put that mean face on you. Related: DJ Premier... Read more