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Your Old Droog Shows Why He Looks Back to Move Hip-Hop Forward (Video)

Over the last year, Your Old Droog has carved out a lane that is reminiscent of 90s-era New York Hip-Hop, but which is distinctly contemporary. Droog's cadence is influenced by predecessors like Kool G Rap and Nas, but his subject matter and wry sense of humor have allowed him to... Read more

Your Old Droog Is On the Rise But He’s Still Happy Being Under the Radar (Audio)

Now that we know he's not Nas, Your Old Droog has been proving to be good enough just being himself. The 25-year-old Ukrainian MC and Brooklyn native already has an eponymous full-length album, two EPs (Your Old Droog EP and Kinison EP), an interview in the prestigious New Yorker magazine,... Read more