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Jill Scott Sings A Powerful Song of Hope For All Who Have Had A Broken Heart (Video)

Now crowned the "Lady Of Soul," Jill Scott had an opportune time to bring out another single from 2015's Woman. In an album that deals with all the seasons of interpersonal relationships, "Back Together" is a note of reconciliation. The video combines a dramatic storyline with ballet. The Complexions Contemporary... Read more

Take a Long Walk Down Memory Lane With Jill Scott as she Revisits Her Debut Album

Earlier this month, the Hip-Hop infused Neo-Soul songstress Jill Scott celebrated the 15th anniversary of her debut album, 2000's Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1. With it, she answered her own question, and the album's platinum-selling status suggested that few were left unfamiliar with her name. She... Read more

Jill Scott Gets Closure…and It Does NOT Come With Breakfast (Audio)

Who keeps it realer than Jill Scott? Jilly from Philly releases her latest single from her upcoming Woman album, which hits stores on July 24, and it's another raw and authentic take on relationships. After swearing she won't fall for an ex's tricks again on first single, "Fool's Gold," Jill... Read more

Jill Scott Is Releasing a New Album Next Month And Going On Tour

Jill Scott has set a release date for her next album. Woman will be Scott's fifth studio LP and her first since 2011's The Light of the Sun. The project is set to hit stores on July 24. In addition to announcing the album and revealing the cover art, Jill... Read more