SZA Makes You Feel The Warm Winds In This Hazy Visual (Video)

SZA's kind of an impressionistic singer. Rather than be about a crisp delivery and concrete images, the TDE songstress (with tons of talent) is all about vibe, mood, and feeling. Her songwriting is very poetic and abstract, while her delivery is evocative, while being open-ended. "Warm Winded" is no exception,... Read more

SZA Offers Up The Dreamy & Thoughtful Kendrick Lamar-Assisted Babylon (Audio)

In less than 12 hours, (the opening ticks of April 8th), TDE's songstress SZA will deliver her Z EP. With a nice sampling already in the marketplace, fans were treated to "Babylon" today. The track features star label-mate Kendrick Lamar with some incredibly dense, personal-feeling rhymes, while SZA's cloudy vocals... Read more

SZA Delivers A Tune In Sweet November That Sounds Like An Early ’70s Time Capsule (Audio)

Top Dawg Entertainment's SZA is something special. While some of her material sounds especially futuristic, other moments, like today's "Sweet November" sound like holdover sessions from the late '60s or early '70s. This Z EP inclusion is the latter style, sounding like a catchy love ballad that might sound fine... Read more