DJ Premier is one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. Ambrosia for Heads contributor Omar Akil is a Primo scholar and fan. Check out the first installment in his weekly column dedicated to Premier.


A DJ Premier track = Rare chopped up sample + ill drum loop + vocal sample as hook (manipulated by turntables).
While Preem has never deviated from this formula (in almost 22 years as a producer), his tracks always, always, always sound different and familiar at the same time.  He has the unique ability to cater his production to whomever he is lacing at the moment.  Take these classic examples: “Ten Crack Commandments” & “Nas Is Like“–same ingredients, but completely different dishes.

With that said, and since I, admittedly, have STAN-like tendencies when it come to Premier, I have chosen to salute the big brother by spotting/spotlighting NEW PREMIER productions.  Partly because, Preem is what I like to call, “Powdered Street Cred (just add water),” when it comes to rounding out a dope hip hop album.  And partly because I appreciate the fact that he is still working and relevant in today’s “follow ’em” then “forget ’em” hip hop game.

Understand, DJ Premier needs no accolades from yours truly, but if you check here weekly, I will put you up on what Preem is working on.  Yes he’s working that much. Whether you know about it or not.

This week, check out what he did for Fat Joe’s new album, “THE DARKSIDE VOL 1.”  Track is called “I’m Gone.”  It’s being touted as a Guru tribute track. Salute!

–Omar Akil (@omarakil3)

“Slightly better than a DJ with a broken fader and no doubles”.