Ummmm, this is all you need to know about this week’s Preem-Ear: If you listen long enough, you’ll hear damn near every track Premier ever produced (plus the original sample he used). ‘Nuff said.


And that’s not all…If you missed it, check out ROSCOE P. COLDCHAIN ft. AB LIVA “Imma Kill This Ni^^A”
Forget “dream”, it is hotness deferred. It had been more than rumored, actually documented, that Star Trak recording artist Roscoe P.Coldchain was supposed to do an album with DJ Premier. Unfortunately in late ’08, the Illadelph native was arrested for attempted murder, forcing many to squash all anticipation of ever seeing that project released.

I can’t front it seems like everybody has been linked with Primo to drop a full length. The Nas/Preemo joint has been on people’s lips a lot but not many people are talking about the supposed Preem/KRS-ONE collab (which is actually already titled – RETURN OF THE BOOM BIP). There has also been talk that Preem is supposed to release a joint with west coast OG (at this point), MC EIHT, on Premier’s YEAR ROUND RECORDS label.

Recently a track leaked that Roscoe P Coldchain and Premier recorded back in 2004.
Check the track. Its….*mean face*….gutta dirty, aka dope as f*ck.

Click here to download.

Also, check around 7:55 in the video below to hear Preem and Pharrell close the deal on the Roscoe/Preem album:

Lastly, here’s Roscoe cosigning the Preem album in an interview with HIPHOPDX. Stay tuned for more PREEM-EAR.

“I know I’m dope but don’t wet that” ~ Gifted Unlimited