Here are The 50 Best Radio Freestyles, according to Complex. They discuss each freestyle AND provide audio for each one. It includes freestyles from Tribe, Wu, Snoop, Kanye, Common, Biggie, Nas, Eminem, Jay-Z and many, many more. It’s unbelievable. Just classic.

Complex has been doing a “best of” series for a while but THIS ONE is the best yet. They recently compiled The 50 Best Radio Freestyles and each entry is accompanied by the audio. This compilation would have been worth it for the legendary Common/Kanye battle, alone. The fact that there are 49 others ranging from J. Cole to Big Pun, Tribe to EPMD, Jay-Z to KRS-One, LL to Big L, and Eminem to Biggie just makes this mind-bending. Words can’t describe it, so click here and experience it for yourself. MAJOR, MAJOR props to Complex for this one.