The Tribe & Big Cats! – Good Life ft Smoke DZA (Video)

Minneapolis has a rich music history, but it is not particularly known for hip-hop. The Tribe & Big Cats! are trying to change that. They had their debut earlier this year and now have a series where they will release a new song each month with a special guest. This month’s installment is called Good Life and features Smoke DZA. Check out the video below, as well as some info on the group that may want to make you learn more.

Here’s some more info on The Tribe & Big Cats!:

“The Tribe & Big Cats! operate on a simple philosophy: rap music can be fun without being stupid. It can be catchy without being formulaic. And when it’s done right, rap music will make you nod your head, whether because the MC is on point or because the beat is a banger– or ideally, both.

Over a critically-acclaimed mixtape and full-length, rapper TruthBeTold and producers Aye Yo Pete and Big Cats! have crafted a sound that ties together all of these impulses, blending the tireless DIY work ethic of the underground, the swagger and confidence of the mainstream stars and the kind of pure technical talent that defies easy categorization. It’s “real hip hop” without the elitism. It’s party rap that doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. It’s gimmick-free music that will make your trunk knock and your neurons fire.” Click here for more

Also, here’s a mini-playlist featuring a little of the more traditional Minneapolis sound (Prince, The Family, The Time and more).