Scarface kicks off the first playlist in our new Living Legends series dedicating to celebrating Hip-Hop icons that have not received their proper shine lately. You can listen to a playlist that highlights 2 decades of Scarface music below (Playlist)

The loss of MCA was a reminder of how much love we show to fallen hip-hop legends. It’s time to show some to the LIVING Legends too. We’re kicking off a new series of playlists where we celebrate those hip-hop icons still with us (especially those who may not have gotten their proper shine lately). The first is dedicated to the one and only Scarface. Dude has been in the game nearly 25 years strong and continues to make great music. Here’s a playlist of just a few songs spanning his 20+ year career. You can listen to the whole thing below. Let’s go! Related: Rap-A-Lot Records Playlist and Ranking on the List of Greatest Hip-Hop Labels (Video)

Scarface Living Legend Playlist