Rich Forever vs. God Forgives, I Don’t: Which Rick Ross Project is better?

Complex did an interesting piece comparing and contrasting Rich Forever and God Forgives, I Don’t to see which Rick Ross project was better. Check out what they had to say below. Which project do you think is better? Related: Rick Ross – Rich Forever (Mixtape)

Rick Ross - Rich Forever vs. God Forgives, I Don't

Here’s the intro to the Complex piece:

At the top of the year, Rick Ross released his Rich Forever mixtape. It was a lengthy set full of quality gems meant to hold fans over until God Forgives, I Don’t, which hit stores this week. They’re both great projects, but with their respective release dates mere months apart, the question remains: Which is better, the mixtape or the album?

The conversation can’t be avoided, so we created a rubric of sorts and decided to dive in and declare a winner. Which project has better beats? Features? Artwork? Continue reading to find out.