RapFix Live Tribute to Menace II Society (Video)

RapFix Live paid homage to Menace II Society yesterday, as the film celebrates the 20th anniversary of its release. They showed vintage footage of the Hughes Brothers discussing their film back in 1993, chopped it up with Tyrin Turner and Larenz Tate, fielded questions about the film from Kendrick Lamar and more. This is a great look for Menace fans out there. Check out the videos below. Related: Allen Hughes speaks in depth about his relationship with Tupac and their altercation (Video)

Part 1 – Sway and Consequence discuss Menace II Society + A 1993 interview of the Hughes Brothers

Part 2 – Tyrin Turner (Cain) discusses the impact of Menace II Society

Part 3 – Larenz Tate (O-Dog) joins the conversation via Skype

Part 4 – Allen Hughes speaks on Menace II Society in 2013

Part 5 – Kendrick Lamar asks Tyrin Turner how hard it was to play Cain

Part 6 – Allen Hughes discusses we he didn’t want rappers in the film