Billy Squier – The Big Beat (Video)

In light of Eminem’s “Berzerk,” I keep referencing this song. The truth is, the record has an amazing time-piece video. While it might seem cheesy, or a callback to big hair, tight Lee’s, and t-top Camaros, this is a break that stays in the arsenal of your favorite producer/DJ. The unmistakable drums from this 1980 single appeared in Jay Z’s first Rick Rubin run-in, “99 Problems,” Dizzee Rascal’s breakthrough 2003 hit “Fix Up, Look Sharp,” Run-DMC’s “Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse,” Big Daddy Kane’s “Ain’t No Half Steppin’,” and LL Cool J’s “Droppin’ ‘Em” (among like 100 others). For DJ’s looking to learn to beat-juggle, here’s your starting-point.


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