Skillz Speaks on Kendrick’s “Control” Freestyle (Video)

Although the initial tidal wave of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse seems to be dying down, opinions about what has taken place in Hip-Hop over the past 11-12 days are still surfing through conversations everywhere. In a recent interview with Revolt TV, Skillz (still known to some of the Heads as Mad Skillz) offered up his viewpoints on Kendrick and the responses that were being shot back towards the Compton MC. He definitely had a strong viewpoint on the rappers that were getting their hashtag on, “back in the day, niggas would’ve been at [Funkmaster] Flex that night with some Mobb Deep instrumentals… those days are over, now niggas run to Twitter. That shit is corny to me.” Granted, videos discussing Mr. Lamar seem to be popping up on the daily, but Skillz definitely provides one of the most entertaining ones to date with this interview. Over the last decade, Skillz’ Year-End Wraps were often one of the few songs to really put laundry out there. Perhaps K.Dot was influenced by the man who made the Virginia trailblazer, From Where???. Sidebar: We miss the Supafriendz.

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